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  • advCo: Also walked through Dachau. Me and a few buddies, I don't think we said a word for the whole 2 hours we were there.
    Today at 12:59:49
  • VonYinzer: I'm getting soft in my old age... Lol. That shit really fucks me up. I can't take it.
    Today at 13:00:00
  • JustinLonghorn: Yeah, it would definitely fuck me up now.
    Today at 13:00:20
  • JustinLonghorn: We did a two week long field trip when I was ten through Austria and Germany. Dachau, Eagle's Nest, etc.
    Today at 13:01:06
  • VonYinzer: When I was ten we did a field trip to the Carnegie Science Center. Not quite as good as yours.
    Today at 13:01:59
  • VonYinzer: You win again Jussy...
    Today at 13:02:05
  • JustinLonghorn: Ha, I happened to live in Germany at the time.
    Today at 13:02:32
  • JustinLonghorn: you lived in the Beav.
    Today at 13:02:40
  • VonYinzer: Again... You win. Are you happy now?
    Today at 13:03:35
  • VonYinzer: Mr. I was trotting the globe before my first boner?
    Today at 13:03:54
  • VonYinzer: ;)
    Today at 13:04:07
  • JustinLonghorn: A german kid dropped my boom box into the Rhine River.
    Today at 13:04:43
  • VonYinzer: At least he didn't bomb your capital city for a year.
    Today at 13:05:18
  • JustinLonghorn: Yeah, there's that.
    Today at 13:05:32
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: I think were headed back to having black only and white only places of business again. No signs, but I keep hearing and seeing the divide growing in that direction. Here in Memphis anyway.
    Today at 13:07:09
  • VonYinzer: ???
    Today at 13:07:30
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: that was a drop in convo smoke bomb lol
    Today at 13:08:11
  • VonYinzer: Well, that is how you roll
    Today at 13:10:28
  • VonYinzer: lol
    Today at 13:10:39
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 13:10:43
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: For instance. We have a mall that was high end even 5 years ago with the normal shops very busy weekends and holidays Maceys Dillards etc... fast forward to today it has nothing but dillards and maceys left, all bling shops and cell phone case stores, some intersting mojo shops and 90% black patrons. That's just one example lots more here and people seem to just follow the lead... self segregation?
    Today at 13:12:49
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Do you see this in your hood?
    Today at 13:15:30
  • VonYinzer: nada
    Today at 13:15:59
  • JustinLonghorn: I think Chris Rock had a joke about that 15 or so years ago.
    Today at 13:16:15
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: I had to go out today (Dr app) so I did some walking to get some excersise lol
    Today at 13:16:20
  • VonYinzer: though my "hood" is basically Mayberry and 98% cracker
    Today at 13:16:23
  • JustinLonghorn: Damn cake eaters
    Today at 13:17:07
  • canyoncarver: [link]
    Today at 13:17:19
  • canyoncarver: faak
    Today at 13:17:37
  • canyoncarver:
    Today at 13:17:51
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: well I'm white (duh) but grew up 0-11between two of the most wonderful black families so I have a weird pespective
    Today at 13:18:05
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: ...
    Today at 13:22:31
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: ...
    Today at 13:22:50
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: oops ...
    Today at 13:23:55
  • JustinLonghorn: I have no idea what's going on.
    Today at 13:28:45
  • advCo: Fucking Uncle Tom's laundromat
    Today at 13:32:17
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 13:35:53
  • JustinLonghorn: Who's the large gash in the corner?
    Today at 13:36:38
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: lol
    Today at 13:51:21
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Rut Row... Hillary just took a direct hit to the hull... FBI is reopening the case, 11 days from election lol 11th hour worning shot to the head :o
    Today at 14:33:20
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 14:44:26
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Hannah Houston
    Today at 14:48:39
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: whut
    Today at 16:27:25
  • Maritime: Is this 90s hip hop cheese enough?
    Today at 17:53:00
  • Kamn: don't know because the pic isn't showing for some reason
    Today at 17:58:35
  • Maritime: Shows for me? You probably don't want to see it anyway
    Today at 18:04:17
  • Maritime:
    Today at 18:07:11
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Duck Dynasty meets Rosie Odonnel
    Today at 18:27:08
  • Maritime: Ha
    Today at 18:43:15
  • Tune-A-Fishİ: Have a blast!
    Today at 19:47:49

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