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  • Maritime: sorry 1.02 CAN
    Today at 14:11:38
  • haircuttergirl: mike that sucks about your luck. you need a beer, dear.
    Today at 14:25:10
  • Maritime: Yes I do and I will be having some as I crall all under the car to find the leak.
    Today at 14:26:13
  • Maritime: I really hope it is simple like a fitting I don't remember my tank being very rusty
    Today at 14:26:40
  • haircuttergirl: I wish you were gonna be here eating this food im making
    Today at 14:27:01
  • Maritime: I just got done getting a list of parts to accessorize ther company presedents new shadow LOL he is spending more on farkels then I spent to rebuild the CX completely
    Today at 14:27:51
  • Maritime: I do too Jenn. I am so tempted to just get another CC and hit the road, but can't do that for real
    Today at 14:28:25
  • Maritime: He is giving me and another co-worker a couple cases of beer each to install all the stuff he he listed, it is for his second bike to keep when he comes here from Toronto
    Today at 14:30:06
  • Maritime: People with money are scary, we did the shopping list, came out to like 1500 bucks and he was like go for it, I'll give you the money. That is a lot of old bike building scratch
    Today at 14:31:11
  • Maritime: My CX totaled in at less then 1K total including registration and bike!
    Today at 14:31:52
  • haircuttergirl: holy cow. thats crazy
    Today at 14:32:33
  • Maritime: Yep, bought the shadow from my cp-worker for 3k and is putting like 1500 in tires, shield, floor boards, gear indicator, bags, speakers etc, and we are installing it all
    Today at 14:33:52
  • haircuttergirl: geeeeeez
    Today at 14:38:08
  • Maritime: yep, he has 3 houses, here TO and TX 3-4 cars a Harley in TO and on in TX and said he could justify a 3rd Harely so he got the shadow for here
    Today at 14:51:30
  • shamus: 4500 all in on a shadow? that is a horrible decision.
    Today at 15:00:53
  • shamus: what a pile of shit
    Today at 15:01:16
  • joevirus563: I've never been atract to the shardow, the dark side of the force
    Today at 15:13:35
  • joevirus563: shadow
    Today at 15:13:56
  • haircuttergirl: tell us how you really feel, shamus ;D
    Today at 15:22:35
  • joevirus563: how do you guys put a rivet link back on a cam chain? Do you guys use a real rivet tool?
    Today at 15:28:56
  • deviant: chain tool
    Today at 16:03:57
  • Maritime: LOL Shamus, we feel a little bad about it but my buddy bought a new bike so was happy to sell the shadow.  He bought it dirt cheap in Merica and rode it for a season to get back into bikes. Now he has a VTX1300, still not my cup o joe but he rides it so that is fine by me
    Today at 16:22:07
  • haircuttergirl: I need to get a bike rideable
    Today at 16:30:05
  • Maritime: that would be a good idea, one of your many must be close.  I like to have one to ride and then I can take my time wrenching on anything else
    Today at 16:34:39
  • Maritime: if I get another ridable, then the other can go in for changes etc.
    Today at 16:35:07
  • deviant: My bike is bipolar.  It rides, then it doesn't.
    Today at 16:44:01
  • haircuttergirl: mine would work if I worked on it. ha
    Today at 16:58:12
  • joevirus563: then you should work on it girl ;)
    Today at 17:09:40
  • haircuttergirl: I know I know
    Today at 17:10:15
  • joevirus563: I have to remove the engine and the head again... glad I took a copper gasket ;)
    Today at 17:10:50
  • haircuttergirl: too busy with other stuffs. by the time weeman is sleeping I'm too tired.
    Today at 17:11:09
  • haircuttergirl: sounds like lotsa work
    Today at 17:11:25
  • joevirus563: around a week end if I go for it ;) I must!
    Today at 17:13:14
  • joevirus563: Its cost here 250$/y to ride 5month... each month I lose is money ;)
    Today at 17:13:41
  • haircuttergirl: where are you?
    Today at 17:15:45
  • joevirus563: Quebec
    Today at 17:18:47
  • joevirus563: DAMN SAAQ
    Today at 17:18:52
  • joevirus563: Regular bike here cust 500$ a year and full sport bike cost 1200$ a year...
    Today at 17:19:14
  • haircuttergirl: thats insane :o
    Today at 17:23:49
  • joevirus563: ... i know... classic bike are 250$ scooter are 250 and car are 250
    Today at 17:24:23
  • joevirus563: Go ahead... hit me! how much do you pay?
    Today at 17:26:30
  • haircuttergirl: I dont recall how much ours is offhand. but its way cheaper than that
    Today at 17:26:31
  • joevirus563: I'm ready!
    Today at 17:26:44
  • joevirus563: GO!
    Today at 17:26:47
  • joevirus563: ... if you don't know how much, this is because you pay too many bucks...
    Today at 17:27:20
  • joevirus563: Sorry you pay not enough!
    Today at 17:27:32
  • haircuttergirl: no its because I have too many other things to remember and thats obviously not too bad or I'd remember it. haha
    Today at 17:28:23
  • joevirus563: ;)
    Today at 17:28:43
  • haircuttergirl: I just asked e. maybe he will know. haha
    Today at 17:29:30
  • haircuttergirl: I put full coverage on it. he thinks 100/yr
    Today at 17:33:55

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