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  • JustinLonghorn: Rubber or teflon or whatever it is.
    Today at 09:35:38
  • Nj732port: cool ive gotten both kinds in carb kits
    Today at 09:37:09
  • Tune-A-Fish: turn the effing gas off at night also, just hitting a set of rr tracks can jam a float until you hit the next bump. I would change the seat also
    Today at 09:38:12
  • Tune-A-Fish: why nobody buy my GPZ! bunch of cheap fucks here mangs
    Today at 09:39:52
  • Tune-A-Fish: Broke ass Memphis ain't working... literally :o
    Today at 09:41:02
  • Kamn: maybe you need to keep the GPZ and give it some cams and a big bore kit all jetted up nice
    Today at 09:42:06
  • JustinLonghorn: Yeah, I ordered the needle and seat.
    Today at 09:42:43
  • JustinLonghorn: Though, I moved the needle from one carb to another to make sure that was indeed the issue.
    Today at 09:43:07
  • Tune-A-Fish: dont forget to do the q-tip test for burs or look close for a lazy seat cut
    Today at 09:43:50
  • Tune-A-Fish: Kamn, that is a great idea but Im building the KZ1R for a keeper.
    Today at 09:50:29
  • Kamn: ah yes, I forgot about that one
    Today at 09:51:20
  • Kamn: maybe when you get to Nebraska you can build a stable and keep them ALLLLLLLLLL
    Today at 09:51:54
  • Nj732port: kamn how do i make the cx now ugly
    Today at 09:53:20
  • Kamn: do you mean NOT ugly
    Today at 09:53:58
  • JustinLonghorn: Two Riders Killed During AMA Pro Flat Track Finale At The Santa Rosa Mile
    Today at 09:57:38
  • Maritime: bummer, that sucks
    Today at 09:57:56
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 09:58:47
  • B541Niner: My son's rig is almost ready for the Haunting Season. He bagged it, train horn and a nice sound system.
    Today at 10:05:10
  • B541Niner:
    Today at 10:05:36
  • Tune-A-Fish: sic
    Today at 10:06:51
  • JustinLonghorn: Rad.
    Today at 10:07:13
  • B541Niner: He was a Target yesterday and a old man looked at it and then told his wife here ride was here.
    Today at 10:08:49
  • Kamn: hahaha thats awesome
    Today at 10:09:18
  • Tune-A-Fish: Herst ride is here
    Today at 10:09:29
  • Tune-A-Fish: i want to be cremated...I dumped my dad in lake Supirrior where he played as a kid... I don't want to be in the ground next to a thousand dead people rather be fish turds
    Today at 10:12:41
  • Tune-A-Fish: Yep Kamn, I may do just that, the money will only be spent on another bike so why not just keep em all ad let my kid have em to enjoy
    Today at 10:14:57
  • Nj732port: yes not* ugly
    Today at 10:17:14
  • B541Niner: I agree Tune with being cremated and will add that I give permission to my wife/kids to end it sooner rather than later if deaths door is knocking.
    Today at 10:17:40
  • Nj732port: i want to be taxidermied and have my outfits changed with the seasons
    Today at 10:20:09
  • Kamn: first decide if you want a 2up ride or not Nj
    Today at 10:21:07
  • Kamn: if single seat then this is easy to do since its no major frame mods
    Today at 10:22:56
  • Kamn:
    Today at 10:23:00
  • Kamn: or this
    Today at 10:23:30
  • Kamn:
    Today at 10:23:33
  • Kamn: same same
    Today at 10:23:46
  • Kamn: 2up with no major frame mods can be like this
    Today at 10:26:51
  • Kamn:
    Today at 10:26:55
  • Nj732port: i wanna do more of a cafer but i think that style will be easiest
    Today at 10:27:06
  • Nj732port: thats cool too i just dont like that leaned back chopper look
    Today at 10:27:42
  • Kamn: like this
    Today at 10:29:43
  • Kamn:
    Today at 10:29:48
  • Kamn: my bad
    Today at 10:30:24
  • Kamn:
    Today at 10:30:27
  • Nj732port: yes
    Today at 10:30:41
  • Kamn: minus the terrible tires
    Today at 10:30:54
  • Nj732port: without that ugly toomer seat
    Today at 10:30:57
  • Nj732port: those arent firestones are they?
    Today at 10:31:13
  • Kamn: so get a pre made cafe seat that works with the frame and then you mostly have cosmetic stuff to do
    Today at 10:32:20
  • Nj732port: are those longer rear shocks did they drop the tank at all the lines look good howdeydodat
    Today at 10:36:44
  • Tune-A-Fish: Comes with a massage chair
    Today at 10:37:52

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