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  • Maritime: Yep, it's hot here and raining too
    Today at 14:02:33
  • adventurco: Had 2 small pinholes, not bad. Just sealed them up going to test again after lunch
    Today at 14:37:19
  • adventurco: Just hope I can braze the mount back on without opening anything back up
    Today at 14:37:56
  • Kamn: Happy Birthday Justin!
    Today at 14:43:56
  • Kamn: Adv, good job on the braze......and you should be able to braze/weld the mount tab back on, if not, then make one using the old as template but and inch longer all along the cuts you made and then just weld onto the old section still on the tank
    Today at 14:45:32
  • Kamn: Im trying to get the parts bike fired up but its a no go currently, I just put the harness in temp to see if she runs and how. Need to check valve adjustment  on it
    Today at 14:47:18
  • Maritime: that's my first go to check as well
    Today at 14:52:03
  • Maritime: that and spark at plugs
    Today at 14:52:17
  • adventurco: Good call kamn it may be a safer bet to do that so I don't re-flow the original braze joint
    Today at 14:52:52
  • Maritime: Yep, longer mount welded to the non swiss cheese part might be the best idea
    Today at 14:53:24
  • adventurco: Sealed up the 2 pinholes, found another one ha
    Today at 14:54:02
  • Maritime: they will eventually stop I hopw
    Today at 14:54:33
  • Kamn: did the same yesterday.......sealed up 3 but 4th was elusive .....but I got the bastard
    Today at 14:54:46
  • adventurco: got a 2" dent I wanna pull too was going to try and stick the rod right to it but it won't stay
    Today at 14:55:39
  • adventurco: Need a 3rd hand to braze a nail to it
    Today at 14:55:59
  • Kamn: Adv, also when doing the mount and making it a little longer, you can lay in a few beads at the edge but then have a few holes drilled to mimic a few spot welds further back near the original cut line, this will give the mount some strength
    Today at 14:57:18
  • Kamn: Have you tried getting a pick inside the tank to "push" the dent outwards?
    Today at 14:58:03
  • adventurco: Nope I will try that first
    Today at 14:58:48
  • adventurco: Tank is so straight other than that dent so I don't want to fill it with bondo
    Today at 14:59:20
  • Kamn: you ever seen the body picks the dent removal guys have?? something like that
    Today at 14:59:20
  • Kamn: you always have lead filler
    Today at 14:59:40
  • Kamn: I got some from eastwood
    Today at 15:00:00
  • adventurco: Yeah I won't have a torch anymore after I finish Brazing, got to return it before Thursday
    Today at 15:02:54
  • adventurco: I have a couple things that may work to push it out
    Today at 15:03:15
  • Kamn: i used a map torch for soldering plumbing....the heat was more than enough
    Today at 15:03:30
  • Kamn: if the dent has any kind of kink in will still need some sort of filler because it wont just pop out
    Today at 15:04:32
  • adventurco: Ah cool. I will look into that I f I can't pop it out today
    Today at 15:04:34
  • adventurco: Hopefully I can get this bitch sealed up and straight and get some POR15 in there today
    Today at 15:05:02
  • Kamn: you can.....youre the determined type
    Today at 15:05:53
  • adventurco: That way the tank is all done before the move
    Today at 15:06:20
  • Maritime: Plumbers torch is useful and cheap
    Today at 15:09:30
  • Maritime: I have used mine for a lot of plumbing but even more for bike and car stuff LOL
    Today at 15:10:00
  • Kamn: it worked well for me doing the leading on a tank, flame was soft enough for it
    Today at 15:16:15
  • Maritime: Yep, it's designed for soldering so just hot enough to flow without over heating like oxy acc can
    Today at 15:22:17
  • adventurco: Woot, all sealed up
    Today at 15:33:52
  • Maritime: good deal
    Today at 15:48:53
  • adventurco: Just braze the original mount back on, not pretty but I'll be a happy camper of it's still sealed
    Today at 15:56:48
  • adventurco: Pulled the dent too
    Today at 15:56:59
  • Kamn: sounds like you are just flowing today.....good going man
    Today at 15:57:33
  • adventurco: Caught another leak. Think I screwed myself now
    Today at 16:15:22
  • Kamn: well if you are doing the por15 and its the tiniest pinhole, the por15 should cover it
    Today at 16:16:25
  • adventurco: Can't tell, it's back somewhere in the abyss of that seam
    Today at 16:36:17
  • adventurco: Sucks.
    Today at 16:38:02
  • adventurco: Shoulda just made a new mount lol
    Today at 16:38:11
  • Kamn: got a little trigger happy, I did the same thing
    Today at 16:45:06
  • adventurco: Well, no soap bubbles. Gonna fill it up with water to be sure
    Today at 16:45:42
  • Kamn: liquid is the way to go.....then you will know for sure
    Today at 16:47:13
  • adventurco: Yeah, that was disheartening
    Today at 16:50:08
  • adventurco: I'm debating if I should just seal it and see what happens...
    Today at 16:50:31
  • adventurco: I'm
    Today at 16:50:35

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