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  • Maritime: correction, first you need to go pull it out of a container LOL
    Today at 13:52:15
  • JustinLonghorn: That's very true. Ha
    Today at 13:53:18
  • JustinLonghorn: It. My chopper. My tools.
    Today at 13:53:29
  • irk miller: Let's keep up with this.  I'm sorting stuff for Mid-O this week and next.  I don't want to leave without it, if you want the GL. I'll make room for that deal.
    Today at 13:57:57
  • irk miller: Even if I have to drive the Box Chevy.  i want a vintage off road bike bad.
    Today at 13:58:43
  • JustinLonghorn: Realistically I probably can not make it happen by Mid-O, but I'll see what I can do.
    Today at 13:59:21
  • JustinLonghorn: If not, maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere and drink a couple of beers.
    Today at 13:59:54
  • irk miller: I like that plan, too.
    Today at 14:00:26
  • JustinLonghorn: You guys camping at Mid-O?
    Today at 14:00:29
  • irk miller: E and I are camping at the swap spot.
    Today at 14:00:46
  • irk miller: I have a huge 8 or 10 man tent.
    Today at 14:01:07
  • JustinLonghorn: Right on. I'm not sure what our ultimate plans are.
    Today at 14:01:25
  • irk miller: Levi's is an easy ride away.  I just want to experience the non-stop party that is Mid-O when you camp there.
    Today at 14:02:27
  • irk miller: Plus, I want to stay drunk for 3 days.
    Today at 14:02:43
  • JustinLonghorn: I have never experienced that.
    Today at 14:03:04
  • JustinLonghorn: the mid O camping experience. I've definitely been drunk for 3 days straight.
    Today at 14:03:36
  • JustinLonghorn: Most DTT get togethers. Ha.
    Today at 14:03:57
  • irk miller: If you've never been drunk for 3 days before, then I would have to question our friendship.
    Today at 14:04:26
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 14:04:37
  • JustinLonghorn: With as much riding as yall did for the Thaw, I imagine there was less drinking.
    Today at 14:05:22
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 14:07:07
  • irk miller: Much less drinking.  It was confined to night, and at least one night I was pretty tired, so I didn't drink to my capabilities.
    Today at 14:07:22
  • irk miller: THose new SR's are very disappointing to me.  They look great, but lack balls.
    Today at 14:08:20
  • JustinLonghorn: As a former US Navy seaman, you have a reputation to uphold.
    Today at 14:08:38
  • JustinLonghorn: Yeah, slow.
    Today at 14:09:53
  • JustinLonghorn: Perfect DC city bike, though.
    Today at 14:10:28
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 14:16:44
  • Maritime: Ha, I will miss the Mid-o drink fest. The NH trip had evening beers but way less than a DTT GTG would have me drinking. was fully worn out from riding every day
    Today at 14:18:24
  • Maritime: My kickstand has shipped. I should have ordered it sooner but I didn't know the GL1100 was longer, I though my bracket was bent on the frame, then I googled it and figured out the issue. My 1000 stand was destroyed by the damn deer
    Today at 14:20:13
  • JustinLonghorn: Fucking deer
    Today at 14:26:09
  • Maritime: yep, assholes.
    Today at 14:28:42
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 14:28:53
  • Maritime: That DR is exactly what I want to get for Jill to learn on and me to play on
    Today at 14:31:36
  • Maritime: although it will be a couple years before she wants to learn again. Right around the same time Magoo might be ready
    Today at 14:32:32
  • JustinLonghorn: Been for sale for over a month. I bet $1500 would nab it.
    Today at 14:32:46
  • Maritime: My buddy Dave's son just got licensed up with the MSF so may add to the riding group.
    Today at 14:34:07
  • Maritime: or it sold and he hasn
    Today at 14:34:36
  • Maritime: 't pulled the add
    Today at 14:34:42
  • Maritime: That happens around here a lot. You call or email and they say "sold it 2 weeks ago" but don't delete the add
    Today at 14:35:23
  • Maritime: But if he still has it, 1500 should do it LOL
    Today at 14:38:01
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 14:39:25
  • JustinLonghorn: yeah, people constantly forget to delete their ads.
    Today at 14:39:54
  • Maritime: Those hawks are great, his headlights suck on it though
    Today at 14:42:50
  • JustinLonghorn: Those are nice PIAA aux lights. Not a good headlight though.
    Today at 14:49:05
  • advCo: Sweet DR
    Today at 14:52:33
  • JustinLonghorn: I love those NT Hawks.
    Today at 14:57:31
  • irk miller: Me too.  They're usually prices well, too.
    Today at 15:08:17
  • advCo: Yeah I think there is one local for $950
    Today at 15:19:26
  • JustinLonghorn: [link]
    Today at 15:31:37
  • advCo: That's pretty freakin sweet
    Today at 15:37:59

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