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  • Maritime: I know how that is, you think one day is all I need and never get it.  I need to re-time the GL, it still has a little hesitation etc. I only need an hour for that but it may be days before I get it LOL
    Today at 09:35:01
  • advCo: Yup thats exactly right. We got some family coming down the first week of August so its a rush to finish kitchen then I should be freed up after that
    Today at 09:56:56
  • Maritime: I was wondering what the kitchen deadline was LOL. makes sense
    Today at 10:20:14
  • advCo: Haha yup.. Its gonna be tight
    Today at 10:53:55
  • advCo: We're sponsoring a golf tournament tomorrow. Up at 5 am. Doing a "guess your drive" contest with our GPS guys
    Today at 11:38:52
  • Maritime: Fun.
    Today at 11:41:16
  • advCo: Something different at least. Its going to be 100 tomorrow though so thats fun
    Today at 11:42:31
  • Maritime: 100 is not fun, been clost to that last couple days here with the humidity, broke last night and it was actually cold riding in this morning and it will be about 75F
    Today at 11:49:36
  • advCo: we probably won't see 75 here until october
    Today at 11:58:36
  • advCo: One reason I'm not too broken up about not having the BMW ready yet lol
    Today at 11:58:53
  • advCo: Late sept-nov will be ideal riding
    Today at 11:59:16
  • Maritime: Ha for sure, it's no fun being too hot, or too cold on a bike, but generally you can dress for the cold, not so much for the hot
    Today at 13:03:57
  • Maritime: I had my deer skin gloves on this morning that are great hot weather gloves, not good in 42 deg though,
    Today at 13:04:50
  • Maritime: digitis were numb when I got to work
    Today at 13:05:09
  • Maritime: Hey the big red beard has his own brand of cycles: [link]
    Today at 13:08:49
  • advCo: Oh wow, thats uhh .. interesting
    Today at 13:23:05
  • Maritime: Ha, I just posted it cause it was Levis
    Today at 14:56:00
  • canyoncarver: 42 degrees?  Where?
    Today at 15:08:21
  • Maritime: Here this morning
    Today at 15:18:58
  • Maritime: its 75 now
    Today at 15:19:04
  • Maritime: Went down to 6C which is ruffly 12 + 32 = 44 F I guess
    Today at 15:19:55
  • Maritime: There was a fog on the river which added to the chill as well.
    Today at 15:21:21
  • Maritime: I'd ride into the fog on downhills then back out into the sun and warm a bit them back down into it and get cold. Thank goodness it's only a 15 min ride
    Today at 15:22:08
  • Maritime: This is my commute:
    Today at 15:27:49
  • Maritime:
    Today at 15:27:56
  • Maritime: I do it in 15 or less as I ride a little faster than google says too
    Today at 15:28:23
  • Maritime: the spot where it says 19 min is a hard right, then up steep hill to a hard left. going home its the other way, best set of turns in the ride, hate it when a cage is in front, ruins it
    Today at 15:29:35
  • advCo: Looks like a decent ride
    Today at 15:31:47
  • Maritime: If it wasn't all cracked and broken chip seal it would be more fun and faster but we have shit roads LOL
    Today at 15:32:17
  • Maritime: The stretch I got clipped by the deer is the part from my post code to ust before it says Garafton
    Today at 15:33:01
  • Maritime: I sometimes cross this: [img][img/]
    Today at 15:34:56
  • Maritime:
    Today at 15:35:09
  • Maritime: and do the 103 home. that is right outside my office window.  Worlds longest covered bridge
    Today at 15:35:41
  • Maritime: 1282 feet
    Today at 15:36:27
  • advCo: dang thats pretty awesome
    Today at 15:38:33
  • canyoncarver: Cool!
    Today at 15:43:23
  • canyoncarver: My rides to work aren't very exciting either.  Mostly freeway and the cagejam.
    Today at 15:44:00
  • canyoncarver: which is why I don't really ride to work that often, well that and it's going to hit 101 degrees in town today
    Today at 15:46:21
  • Maritime: I feel you, I used to have a cage filled traffic jam commute but out here on the bike I don't stay stuck behind a slow care for long
    Today at 15:49:00
  • Maritime: Wildlife is more of a concern, although a lady ran a stop and almost clipped me this morning. If I was in a car she'd been dead, but I saw her going through, hit the horn to wake her up then swerved around her, the car would not have been so nimble
    Today at 15:50:27
  • advCo: Crazy, drivers are bad around here
    Today at 15:52:34
  • canyoncarver: These days, I believe they are worse everywhere.  So distracted.
    Today at 15:54:57
  • Maritime: There is one intersection on my run, at the bridge in grafton, the traffic is not a lot so a lot of folks burn the stop sign coming off the 585 heading into town. I have the right of way on the 105 but I always am hyper vigilant there, been almost hit too many times in cars and on the bike
    Today at 15:55:43
  • Maritime: Speen limit goes from 50 - 30 there and a lot of folks don't slow either so a run through the sign can get you hit at 50+mph.
    Today at 15:57:09
  • Maritime: VVVV see Matt(Sonrier) got rear ended on his way to work today
    Today at 15:57:49
  • canyoncarver: I saw.  Glad it wasn't worse.  "gray hair = beware"
    Today at 16:01:55
  • Maritime: For sure.
    Today at 16:02:14
  • canyoncarver: My dad told me that when I was about 16 and started driving.
    Today at 16:03:10
  • Maritime: Mine too
    Today at 16:03:23
  • Maritime: Now he's the gray hair LOL
    Today at 16:03:36

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