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  • advCo: I've been using the DTT gallery lately. Used to use the mobile app but it changed so I just do it on the app
    Today at 17:00:12
  • advCo: err, website
    Today at 17:00:17
  • Kamn: hahaha, thank god we have a wood burning insert in our place that heats up like a mofo
    Today at 17:00:37
  • Kamn: DTT gallery? Explain please
    Today at 17:01:10
  • Nj732port: we have the fireplace but no wood and it takes for ever to actually produce heat
    Today at 17:01:25
  • Kamn: fire up the chainsaw, hit the closest forest and drop yourself a supply of heat
    Today at 17:02:03
  • Nj732port: we have stumps out back and a buddy around the corner who "sells" us firewood from his farm
    Today at 17:03:04
  • Nj732port: didnt stock up yet but i wish we did
    Today at 17:03:35
  • Nj732port: how are the dogs?
    Today at 17:04:08
  • Kamn: alive and well for 13 year old labs, they are slowing down a bit and have a few aches and pains but overall good
    Today at 17:05:04
  • Kamn: making a run to lewiston for parts on saturday, then hit a small farm about 20 minutes east of there for some raw milk
    Today at 17:07:20
  • Kamn: havent had any milk for 2 weeks now and I'm missing it
    Today at 17:07:40
  • Nj732port: how much a gallon or is it barter?
    Today at 17:09:23
  • Kamn: 11 per gallon
    Today at 17:16:43
  • Kamn: there is an Amish place another 15 minutes further that are 7 per gallon but the taste of the other is far creamier
    Today at 17:17:41
  • Kamn: Im really thinking about this little unit in our 5th wheel now  [link]
    Today at 17:24:02
  • advCo: I want to get a little tiny wood stove for the shop
    Today at 17:25:32
  • advCo: Those are pretty sharp
    Today at 17:26:27
  • advCo: Kamn, how does your acct have 0 posts now? Did it get deleted??
    Today at 17:27:07
  • Nj732port: wtf am i going to do with this damn wheel
    Today at 17:35:21
  • advCo: Return it
    Today at 17:35:53
  • advCo: Or put it on ebay lol
    Today at 17:35:57
  • Nj732port: will i have to pay return shipping?
    Today at 17:37:19
  • Nj732port: the seller doesnt accept returns too
    Today at 17:37:28
  • Nj732port: [link]
    Today at 17:38:35
  • Kamn: Advco, the account got deleted
    Today at 17:41:27
  • advCo: Huh weird
    Today at 17:42:17
  • advCo: You got pooched then NJ put it on craigslist for $100 get your money back lol
    Today at 17:42:33
  • Nj732port: anyone have the link to xb's build?
    Today at 17:42:41
  • Nj732port: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i didnt want to accept it doeeeeeee
    Today at 17:43:40
  • Kamn: I want that little fireplace but I need to tone down the spending......spent way too much the past few weeks
    Today at 17:48:48
  • Nj732port: adco could build a cheap one from barrels
    Today at 17:50:14
  • advCo: Yeah I need something DIY cheap for the shop
    Today at 17:53:19
  • advCo: Only gets cold for about 3 months here
    Today at 17:53:28
  • Kamn: I want to put it in the 5th wheel trailer o our property, the propane furnace sucks, it gets all sweaty in there
    Today at 18:00:03
  • advCo: wood burner will dry it right out
    Today at 18:01:22
  • Kamn: I cut our generator time in the trailer by putting 2 100W solar panels on a pole and wiring it to a charge controller with 2 big batteries, that gives us the general usage for things throughout the day, except for AC
    Today at 18:01:25
  • Kamn: Exactly advCo
    Today at 18:01:39
  • Nj732port: you could prob get awy with a good quality electric adco
    Today at 18:02:00
  • Kamn: adco?
    Today at 18:02:22
  • Kamn: you mean advCo
    Today at 18:02:54
  • Nj732port: I wish you could see me giving you the finger right now
    Today at 18:03:28
  • Nj732port: ohhhh rig up solar power adco youd be set
    Today at 18:04:18
  • Kamn: your poor spelling is what motivates you to give me the finger
    Today at 18:09:45
  • Kamn: how cold are your feet right now? do you have to wear winter boots to bed?
    Today at 18:11:47
  • Nj732port: so its split level heat upstairs is good and cozy
    Today at 18:12:35
  • Nj732port: I have impecable spells
    Today at 18:13:47
  • Kamn: IM outta here for tonight, chat soon peeps
    Today at 18:17:03
  • Nj732port: cya kamn be safe milkin that farmer
    Today at 18:20:11
  • advCo: later
    Today at 18:33:11

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