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  • Maritime: Thank god its almost Beer O Clock
    Jul 13, 2018, 16:29:21
  • advCo: Haha yup, almost time to form some countertops for me
    Jul 13, 2018, 16:30:08
  • cbrianroll: howd those countertops turn out?
    Jul 15, 2018, 19:50:28
  • Maritime: Morning, Nick post up some counter and kitchen oics
    Today at 09:04:37
  • Maritime: Pics*
    Today at 09:04:44
  • advCo: Mornin fellas
    Today at 09:23:06
  • advCo: I got the waterfall bar and small shelf poured over the weekend. Sunday was taken up by the 360
    Today at 09:23:30
  • advCo: I still gotta do the big countertop but thats happening on Sat. I'll snap a pic after I pop the forms off today
    Today at 09:24:59
  • Maritime: Cool
    Today at 09:57:42
  • advCo: Gearing up for  backsplash too. I need to hit you up for tips Mike
    Today at 10:11:33
  • Maritime: No prob, I've done a few LOL
    Today at 10:23:42
  • advCo: Itll be my first time laying tile
    Today at 10:24:37
  • Maritime: Backsplash wall tile is pretty easy compared to like a shower or floors
    Today at 10:42:26
  • Maritime: Just get the right motar, grout, sealer if needed etc.
    Today at 10:42:54
  • Maritime: and the right trowel and spacers for the type of tiles
    Today at 10:43:25
  • Maritime: What type of tile are you using?
    Today at 10:44:51
  • advCo: Good to hear, I'll be doing a shower in the bathroom next year probably.
    Today at 10:53:00
  • advCo: We haven't picked out the tiles yet. Either subway tile or those premade 1'x1' sections with the small tiles
    Today at 10:53:40
  • Maritime: Those are both easy, if they are glass they need the right motar and clean wall behind as you can see through but ceramic is a breeze
    Today at 11:41:53
  • advCo: Ahh yeah i didnt think about that
    Today at 11:55:15
  • advCo: All new drywall painted white but i'm sure I'll get some concrete on there when I pour the counter
    Today at 11:55:42
  • Maritime: You'll have to scrape the concrete off then touch up the paint if tiles are glass or you'll see the flaws behind. You'll need the white mortar too
    Today at 11:59:43
  • advCo: Good to know
    Today at 12:43:02
  • advCo: I'll be sure to keep that in mind when picking out the tile ;)
    Today at 12:43:11
  • Maritime: yep, most of the stores are good at telling you what you need mortar, grout wise when buying the tiles.
    Today at 13:00:44
  • advCo: The home depot I have is full of morons
    Today at 13:01:38
  • advCo: By the way, I did finally get the 360 sold. Had a bunch of things go wrong and an intake leak but was able to fix it by making some new gaskets and yamabond
    Today at 13:57:06
  • Maritime: Ha, saw that on FB, good you got it gone since you were not riding it.
    Today at 14:17:20
  • Maritime: I find there is usually one good store in an Area, either HD, Lowes or a smaller local. there will be the one that has the good staff
    Today at 14:18:06
  • Maritime: Or go on the manufacturers website and read what they require for the prep, and installation LOL
    Today at 14:18:46
  • advCo: Yeah, took it on a short 5 mile ride yesterday before they came to pick it up. Made me regret letting it sit for so long.
    Today at 14:20:15
  • Maritime: Yep, I got to ride the CX for an hour to deliver and felt a little sad to let her go but I didn't need 2 bikes so similar and the GL is the keeper of the pair
    Today at 14:21:44
  • Maritime: I hope to have some $$$ this fall to grab a dual sport project for the winter
    Today at 14:22:25
  • advCo: It went to a good home. Young kid he wants to clean up all the paint and probably make it his own
    Today at 14:24:47
  • Maritime: Same here, he wants to make it his with new paint and some other changes but needed a solid runner
    Today at 14:46:49
  • advCo: I got 2 dual sport projects, just need to get em running haha
    Today at 14:59:37
  • advCo: Got some dude coming to look at the TS100 parts bike I have today. Was going to part it but I just dont have the time or motivation lol
    Today at 15:03:53
  • Maritime: Ha, I feel ya, I have a damn virago I need to finish and get out of the shop but just have been too busy to get to it. I am hoping to get started on tearing the motor down for the 3rd time tonight
    Today at 15:19:10
  • advCo: Yeah I hear that. I'm just happy I can focus on the kitchen 100% now and get it knocked out. The CB360 has been ongoing since I started the project so its a big weight off my shoulders.
    Today at 15:23:19
  • advCo: Thats someone elses Virago, right?
    Today at 15:23:40
  • Maritime: Yep, been paid for it, went to final tune the carbs and the fucker siezed again.
    Today at 15:27:15
  • Maritime: it's losing oil to the rear head for some reason and I need to figure that out. I may not be able to but I'll get it back together with the new head and had it over for them to find another shop to figure that part out if I can't
    Today at 15:28:20
  • advCo: Ugh, that sucks man. Sounds like a tough issue to diagnose too
    Today at 16:07:08
  • Maritime: There are a coupled of easy ones it could be, after that is split cases and dig into oil pump etc. and I am not going there
    Today at 16:12:56
  • Maritime: I hope it's that the previous guy swapped the banjo on one of the lines and the holes not lined up. correctly
    Today at 16:13:36
  • advCo: Get 'er done and send it
    Today at 16:27:10
  • Maritime: Ha, will do
    Today at 16:27:28
  • advCo: Sucks having stuff like that on your to do list and no time to do it
    Today at 16:33:58
  • Maritime: Yep, especially when you've already done it twice before.
    Today at 16:34:35
  • advCo: Even worse. That';s how I felt about cleaning the tank on the 360
    Today at 16:45:18

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