Author Topic: Looking for Tangible Inspiration  (Read 1284 times)

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Looking for Tangible Inspiration
« on: Feb 18, 2011, 12:55:29 »
  So now that I've got the bike ('81 GN400 rat) inspected and registered I'm beginning to look at all that must be done and/or corrected.  The list is growing by the day.  I've joined this forum and ChopCult for advice and interest.  At this point I've gotten a little burned out on pics.  Does anyone know of any events or "shows" happening this year in the Boise or surrounding area where I can get a look at some bikes and maybe draw a little inspiration?  I'm not new to bikes, but I am new to the Bob/Chop/Rat scene.  I know making mistakes is part of the education, but my budget for tuition is not unlimited.

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Re: Looking for Tangible Inspiration
« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 2012, 16:19:14 »
i also have a 81 gn400 rat/bobber. i got it for $450 without even hearing it run. its def a project. i got it started and it was idling at 6-8 grand. the guy cut the exhaust and put a pod filter on it and i guess that messed with the airflow and now i dont know what to do.. wires and stuff everywhere...the battery isnt workin(no lights come on) and im afraid of trying to turn the lights on when i get it started bc its idling prob..