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Suspension / 83 CB750 Rear Shock length
« Last post by ljonny18 on Today at 12:55:48 »
Hi Guys, what is the longest Shock length I can get away with for an 83 DOHC CB750 ?

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Specials / Re: '74 CB383 (CB360) - a Mighty Mouse adventure bike
« Last post by DRTardo on Today at 12:14:26 »
I know this thread has been down a long time, but the Photobucket BS is such a drag and I am REALLY interested in the content.

If the OP is still around, any chance you could relink images?... Please...
Electrical / Re: Replacing Suzuki 8-pin ignition switch
« Last post by irk miller on Today at 07:54:53 »
I'd pay the money.  For all the great work you've done on this thing, this is just a drop in the bucket.  I understand though.  I approach things the same way. 

Babbitt's has it for a few bucks cheaper
Enduro / Dirt / Re: 1980 XT500 BUILD
« Last post by Psycrow on Today at 07:32:35 »
Hey Psycrow,
thats awesome thanks for sending that to me, it has been a great help.
Glad it helped you it certinly helped me but thank Patu... hes a contributing member here... ;)


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DTT United Kingdom / Re: All quiet on the home front ???
« Last post by unclerob on Today at 06:11:12 »
Its some way from being ready to sell as yet but eventually I'll be doing the same sort of thing as I've done with the Honda....selling a couple at cost to help with development....if you're ever interested Mark!
Don't know much about Sebrings but used to build NG kitcars so have taken a lot of B's apart!
DTT United Kingdom / Re: All quiet on the home front ???
« Last post by UK Mark on Today at 05:56:29 »
Id be very tempted to put one of those together using your frame if ever I sold my Weslake.   Yep, definitely not a Fiat  :)
DTT United Kingdom / Re: All quiet on the home front ???
« Last post by unclerob on Today at 05:52:58 »
Thanks Mark.....fairly pleased with it but on the back burner while I'm waiting for a rear disc to be made....converting to spoked wheels harder than I thought!
Are you sure thats an MG?....looks more like a Fiat to me!!!
Cafe Racers / Re: 1991 Slingshot
« Last post by LightsOut on Today at 04:25:29 »
Fantastic! Love those bikes, following along

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Very nice work.
DTT Australia / Re: its NOT a bloody scrambler
« Last post by spotty on Today at 03:29:41 »
A fruitful afternoon, just me and Mr Carlsberg. Found the vnax m/c and another new brake line that's shorter than the new one I got last week. Hooked everything up, used the inject fluid from the caliper end and instant full pressure at the lever. Win.

Managed to get the rear shocks back on except for one bush that won't cooperate.

Exhaust may need to be modified to get it where I want but at the very least the rear footpeg frame bits are going to go. I'll hopefully mount the muffler off the upper shock mount.

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