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Re: What size air compressor?
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Well Iíll bring up this topic again, donít want to go overboard, but want to use for grinding and wrenching.

Oil or no oil?
I have no idea

Oil or no oil?  - Anything useful for anything other than minimal grinding will likely have oil.
Size?  Tank size - as big as will fit where you want to put it. Motor size - as big as you can afford and/or have power for
Reasoning? I have never heard anyone say "I wish I had bought a smaller compressor for my shop"

I'm guessing it's going to come down to how much you want to spend. If you need a 20hp compressor to do what you imagine you need, but only have $250 to spend or a 110 volt outlet to use, you're going to have to dial back your expectations. So - do you have more than $250 to play with and voltages higher than 110 to plug into? If not the answer gets simple. 

If you only have a couple hundred bucks and the unit has to fit under your bench and plug into the 110v outlet on the wall, you aren't going to be doing much grinding. You CAN use grinders and things with a small compressor though it's not an ideal situation. But having people tell you about 5hp compressors and 80 gallon tanks is a waste of time if you haven't got the power and space for them.

So what are the limitations/expectations you have? 1.5hp compressors have been used for just about everything. Larger compressors work better for a lot of those things. I think 5hp is a good minimum to shoot for, yet I've spent 25 years with a 1.5hp compressor and just ordered a 3hp compressor. Why? Cuz I'm ok with the limitations I know I'll see and that was about as much as I had to spend. I just doubled my capacity, with a quieter compressor. No, it won't run a blast cabinet all day long. That would have come in handy about two days every five years for me... it just wasn't worth the added cost to me. If I were painting busses or grinding welds all day long I'd have sprung for the larger one but I work with small stuff and detest things like air wrenches (even my impact is electric) so a smaller than ideal compressor will fit my needs well.

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Re: What size air compressor?
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Thanks DesmoDog. That was exactly the answer I was looking for!

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