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My wife says that the latest craze is for the girls to go back to their childhood and buy colouring books. Not the kiddies variety, but more mature images. I said, "Would you like one for Christmas dear" - "oh yes, that would be nice, but surprise me".  8)

So I ordered a "colouring book for adults " . :o........................................... question, should I give it to her ? [ and the book ].

I was half expecting to see an image of Jeremy Corbyn [ add your own politico person here ] - the biggest cunt I know.
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Haha.  The wife and I bought my mom adult coloring books last year.  She lamented about how much she missed coloring with us when we were kids.  One of them was full of text illustration and whatnot, like "Go Fuck Yourself."  No reproductive organs.,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

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That is hilarious!!!   Our happy place...
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