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Re: "the Mooch"
« Reply #550 on: Jun 17, 2018, 20:48:28 »
Seems that Trump is interested in real estate deals in North Korea after he retires/resigns/gets out of jail.

As for the investigation into Russian interference, that is well understood to have happened.  The question that Muller (a lifelong republican) has been asked to address is whether the Trump campaign knowingly colluded with Russians.  It's clear that Trump had financial interests with many Russians and it certainly looks possible that Trump and his team knowingly interacted with Russians and lied about those interactions and all teh Russian cash going to Trump properties.

Was there collusion with a foreign government or did Trump and his team not understand how inappropriate their actions were, may never be clear.  But there is no witch hunt. It's a search for facts and if there are enough to suggest collusion, then so be it and if not that's fine too.  But as long as Trump continues to lie about his involvement and what reports state as facts, he is not doing himself any good. It certainly appears as if Trump is a bully and a cheap crook, but time will tell if enough facts emerge to show if he is also a traitor as has been suggested.  No point in any of us getting wound up about an ongoing investigation.  It will be over soon enough.

I have a suspicion though that if Muller finds insufficient evidence to impeach Trump, then Trump supporters will feel vindicated and anti Trumpers will feel enraged that the truth was hidden, so I'm not sure any result will be well received by many Americans.  The other funny thing about human behavior is that as a group we seem to ignore facts until they can no longer be ignored and then we get all bent out of shape that no one told us there was a problem.  If this turns out badly for Trump, who will the average American blame? Congress for doing nothing?  The media for being too soft on him? Comey or Sessions for not doing more?  I have a feeling that whatever the final report says, America will be more divided than ever.  That is truly sad.