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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #10 on: Jan 14, 2018, 14:56:56 »
Few parts arrived. Bolts for petroltank cap and new levers...

Finally I figured out how I will install the rear shock. Have to weld new brackets to the swingarm and so on...
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #11 on: Jan 14, 2018, 14:58:36 »
Slowly but surely... I've been so busy at work and this project is not going well. I have to sort timeproblem somehow...  :-\

Parts keep coming, although I thought everything has already been delivered to me. I always find something new to buy :D

Handlebar grips, volt-meter, powerswitch, petroltankcapbolts, horn, fuelhose and LED-headlightbulb.
I bought LED-bulb just for try and have to say, light is incrediable! Bulb is not road-legal but who will find that out?!

Mainbearings and rodbearings. Also new pistonrings.

Rear shock has now been almost installed completely. Angle is mild, but should work because shock is very stiff. Its almost like solid rear.
Lower mount was made from aluminium that welds straight to the swing. Upper mount will be welded to the frame and will have support metal on the sides.

Engine is now rebuilding and will be done in few days. Hopefully it will run as it should  :o

Seat is designed and will be ready soon. Sheets are unfinished.

Seat will be covered in leather and will be same color as handlebar grips. Here's few examples for the design.

Overall I feel okay. Timeproblem is bothering me, but I think I can made this ready during this summer.
There has not been any major ups and downs.

Next we are compliting engine rebuild and start to work with rear fairing and under the seat.

Here is overall photo from the garage:

I will keep updates coming!
Please feel free to say anything... Goods and bad thoughts :)
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #12 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:00:55 »
Actually progress of this project has been very little past six months.
I have been around the world and lots of other things to do  >:(

In this post we are living somewhere in autumn 2016.

Latest work what I have done is that we have finish rebuilding the engine. Test run is not yet made because there is few issues with carburators, but after december we are putting all focus to this project.

Here you can see engine without camshafts and valvecover.

We also made first step to fabricating rear fairing.

In January we will be focusing to get engine running.
Also lots of welding, fabricating fairings and electricalbox under the seat.

Front fender was cutted from 2007 GSX-R original front fender

Goal was to made race-look-a-like front fender as tiny as possible. From my taste, the results is really good.

Some finishing touches still to be done and some grinding

Next thing to do was under tray.

My idea was to place battery and some electrics under the seat. Box has to be small as possible, so the rear spring is still visible.
Side covers will be tiny as well.

First thing was cutting cardboard samples. I as remember, third or fourth time we get it right :D

Next taping samples to the bike.

It fitted well and we also made whole undersheet.

Next week we will cut samples from sheetmetal and weld it.
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #13 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:02:28 »
Finally got undertray/box ready.

Rear spring is still visible, but every electricthings can be fitted to the box.

I will fabricate fairings to cover part of "side triangles" so you can't even notice the box from outside.

Few holes will be drilled to the box for removing possible water. Rubbersheet will be layed bottom of the box to remove any vibrations.

I already bought sidemounted licenseplate-holder but i will forget it. I will mount the plate front of the rear wheel under the box.
I know the police will not like my oppinion, but I can manage that :)

Rear cowl designing started with polyurethanfoam.

This is possible the version 4 of the cowl, and I don't like it. Has to be more lower and roundish.

I can't recommend polyurethanfoam to this. I've been looking for polyurethanblocks, but can't figure out what is it in finnish...

...until I found it! Floralfoam! Or in finnish "kukkavaahto"  ;D

Floralfoam is much better and easier to work with.

Unfotunately I have no pics of todays work, but I will post those later.

I have already testfitted every electricparts to the box. Also found good size battery.
Seat is coming along and figured out fastening to it. Looks really nice and is very practical.

I didn't like headlight I bought so I hunted down Vrod headlight. Modern-look and still roundish  :-*
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #14 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:03:01 »
Few pics of the new headlight

For my taste, this looks much better than basic round headlight and fits lines of the bike better

Bike is looking like a real deal...

This is so called floralfoam which is much easier to work with than basec polyurethanfoam.

I suggest to use headmask with floralfoam because it shatters in tiny particles when you cut it or grind it
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #15 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:04:17 »
Undertray has been modified and all electricalparts are findings their locations

As you can those black dots indicates places for bolt to be welded for fastening electricalparts
Also we drill holes to the front end of the box, where all wires will be going to their final destinations

To bottom of the box I found thin rubbermat that can be glued so it will work for mute some resonations

Also we will weld "cage" for the battery, that it can't move

These kind of bracing will be welded and seat will be fasten to these

I didn't like those gaps between the tank and the seat... this metalsheet will be bended and welded to hide those gaps

I managed finally fabricate sidepieces to cover big triangular holes and will be mounted with bolts

Rear cowl is under its way and found this bended metalstrip which is perfect for my eye.
Didn't want to go basic "round rear cowl"

Because the headlight changed which had integrated blinkers and had to found new ones. These small blinkers will be mounted to front forks

I still haven't figured out the place for licenseplate...

This way the licenseplate won't "break" any lines of the bike, but police will have something to say (atleast in Finland).
Well, i don't know...

This way it is too much on display and I don't like it...

This might be the best way, but looks too olds school to me...

Project is going strong atm, but as I promised year before last year, it should be already finished  ;D
Right now I don't make any promises, but summer 2018 looks good
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #16 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:05:48 »
Well, what has been done?

- Headlight brackets ordered from UK. Slightly problem with space behind Harley headlight and brackets. Bolt are touching headlight and I can't get headlight close enough to the frame. Have to work this out

- Bought new GSX-R front fender that I will fabricate to pleasure my eye more than previous one.

- The tank is at Mr. Moore Motorcycles, who going to modified bottom of the tank to be more flat, so it will move little bit lower and hide all ugly gaps

- Huge amount of brackets, bracings and other stuff cut from sheet metal. These have to welded on next week.
* sidepanel brackets
* bracings to the frame
* steering stopper have to be modified
* front blinkers brackets
* to the traybox I have to weld bolt and brackets to hold all electricparts
* brackets to hold cables and battery in good order
* new brackets to hold tank in its position after tank modifications
* bracings and brackets for the seat

One of the biggest jobs were to make decision where to put footpegs.

We made this kind of samples to see were footpegs should go and can then I could try drivingposition

After we made decision, we cut samples to look more like real brackets that we will weld to the frame

Don't worry, pedals angle will not be that steep.

I also ordered new adjustable footpegs, so we can move it around a bit if necessary
Pretty sure I have to make new shiftrod but that is not a problem

I started to fabricate rear cowl and made bottom base for floralfoam to be glue on

That was not easy job, because in Finland, I didn't find sheet foam from anywhere...  ::)
Talked to few enthusiast and they have made base bottom from plasticsheet

Bought sheet of black plastic and starterd to mould it

First, forced it to the right shape with lots of pressure and gasburner. Have to be careful, because that plastic has low melting point. You don't want to melt your sheet to the floor...

After that I cut it to wanted shape and here is result of that :D

Finally this is what it looks like

After this pic I tied it again tightly to the frame and put some pressure on it, so maybe after few days it will stay like it should

Next step is to glue floralfoam to it and shape it like I want... Then lots of fiberglass etc... Lot to do...
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #17 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:07:33 »
Project is going strong atm and I am determined to finish this project before the next summer (2018)

Here is a quick update what's going on right now

Last of the parts has almost arrived

New adjustable footpegs

Koso speedometer

Also new turnsignals, electricparts, lots of bolts and nuts, side mirrors etc.

Headlight brackets that I bought wasn't the right ones for this project. They were too tight, so there was an ugly gap between the brackets.
Also headlight wouldn't go as close to the frame as I wanted.

I found new ones (although they were pretty expensive) that fits perfectly to this bike.

Next step is to modify brackets and then the front end is nearly complited. Front fender cutting and speedometer brackets under construction.

Finally I got my a good welder, who welded multiple things

Cage for the battery. There will be leatherstrap for fastening the battery. Behind the sidepieces, there is a space for wiring.

Bolts are welded for attach electrical parts. "Bridge" is for volt-meter, tunrsignal relay and mainpower-switch.

Sidepanels were welded straight to the frame to prevent shaking.

Base for taillight

Places for footpegs and supportplates for the "triangle"

I made new base for the seat. Next thing is to bolt fasteners to base and send the seat to upholstery

I didn't like the gap between the frame and the tank.

Tank has meen modified like this:

And now the gap is so much smaller and more like I wanted it

Rear cowl design is my pain right now...

Can't figure out how I would do it or actually how I will do the mold.
Frame bed is little bit too curvy so I can't lay floral foam to it like I need to...

Shit Shit Shit :D

I bought bunch of clay, that I can design easily. It came really good. (in pictures not ready yet...)

Two days later, clay mold has shrinked 1/3 of it's original size and it was useless  ::)
Next thing is to go back to the drawingboard and try to figure out what to do...
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #18 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:08:39 »
Rearsets are bolted to the frame. Looking good and riding position is pretty comfy  :)

Headlight brackets (large ones/base ones) fits perfectly

Unfortunately with these original brackets and didn't get my headlight close enough to the frame, so we will make new ones. Easy job and they are almost ready when I'm writing this.

Here you can see raw setup of the box under the seat and rear cowl.

Finally I found ignition switch that I like. It's from Harley (can't remember the model) but it looks good. Function is little bit different than normally, because by turning the whole body of the switch you can get your power on or off, without the key. Key is only for locking whole body, so you can't get power.
I also have main power switch under the seat, if I leave my bike for longer period somewhere...

Tomorrow back to the garage and maybe I finish taillight and headlight install, ignition switch and start fabricating speedometer bracket and front fender.
Next week I will put my engine on the bike, so I can start figuring out chainline and other little thing
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Re: New Age Cafe Racer - Honda CB750 -79 from Finland
« Reply #19 on: Jan 14, 2018, 15:09:14 »
Rearlight installation is complited. Few holes, rubbergaskets and we're done!

Seat is also ready for upholstery.

Here you can see four holes that we drilled. Seatpins will go through those by pressing it slightly down. Taking it off is also simple. Under the leather will be two small pulling straps.

Right now, we are putting engine back to the bike. After that we can start figuring out chainline, shiftlever etc

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