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Re: CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"
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So over the weekend I've been doing a couple of little bits. I've not been able to do a massive amount as I've been waiting for a new bank card arriving so I can actually start ordering stuff again. I managed to pick up some bearings for the front wheel locally to fit the ducati axle, I still need to make a spacer so they'll have to come back out, but at least it means I can move the bike without the wheel wobbling all over and damaging stuff. I want to raise the back end approx 50mm, but as the ducati front end is slightly lower already I needed to make sure I wasn't going to make the handling too twitchy. The paddock stand I use is slightly higher than the amount I want to raise it by, so it sufficed for this exercise. I also jacked the front slightly on a block of wood to simulate the taller tyre (it's currently got a tiny slick on it). Using a length of wood through the centre of the headstock and clamped in place, I drew a line up through the axle with a spirit level. Measuring off I should have approx. 3.5" of trail. Should be about right but I may fit a steering damper as an extra measure. Believe it or not, it actually had one fitted when I picked the bike up.

I then turned my attention to the Aprilia top yoke. It had an ignition barrel mount on it which needed removing, and the casting marks on it were horrendous.
After an hour or so with the grinder and dremel, it now looks like the pic below. I still need to do some work to neaten up the left overs of the ignition barrel, but unfortunately I'll not be able to get rid of the inner metal entirely as I originally intended, since there are two threaded bosses behind it, which I'd like to keep in case I use them to mount the speedo off.

I've now got myself a brake caliper on order, and I've been making enquiries to Hagon shocks today. I wanted to custom spec some of their Nitro range, but they fear the spring may be too large in diameter and foul my rear sprocket, since their regular 250RS kit uses a slimline spring, which won't fit the Nitro body. I'm awaiting some dimensions from them so I can do a mock up.