Author Topic: Pacomotorstuff "End of the Road" sale at Paris ON. June 15, Sat 16  (Read 247 times)

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Hi all,
We're having our "End of the Road" sale on all remaining Pacomotorstuff fiberglass parts at the CVMG National Rally in Paris, ON this weekend.
Fenders are $55.00 including tax, so almost 50% off list price in some cases.
Seats are $115.00 including tax, so savings of 25% to 40% depending on the seat.
I'll also have a table with a bunch of my own stuff from almost 60(!!!) years of motorcycle parts hoarding, so come by and browse for that little widget you might need.
First come, first served, sorry, can't hold anything for anybody, cash only.
Still have some of the moulds that Pacomotorstuff used to build parts, all built by professional mouldmakers, all in great shape, could be making parts and $$$$ for you as soon as you buy them - email for a price list.
See you at Paris,
PS prices in Canadian Dollars