Author Topic: 1968 CL175 repair and build  (Read 8755 times)

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Re: 1968 CL175 repair and build
« Reply #120 on: Aug 16, 2017, 12:06:48 »
Looks fine, but the mention of tight valves is not so good.  Get a new set of valve covers and then get those off anyway you need to and set the tappets. 

If you look carefully at the last picture, the left cylinder is on overlap and both valves are slightly open.  On th right side, the motor would be firing and both valves should be shut tight.  I suspect that valve seats may also be a touch rusty from being permanently open, so if it were mine I would pop the head off and remove and clean the valves and seats.  You have to loosen the valve screws (tappets) to do that so go ahead and get those covers off.