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« on: Feb 04, 2013, 18:27:59 »
Hi everyone.

This is my first bike and build.  A '75 cl360  I picked it up pretty cheap when the PO fried the charging system with a screwdriver while I was standing there.  It was sort of a half-finished cafe project but I'm ditching the clip-ons for more of a tracker look.  I'm 6'1" 220 and I'm not going to be 'racing' this anywhere so why pretend...

So far I've redone all of the wiring from scratch including a new battery box. (the old harness was real hacked up and full of gremlins) and replaced the rectifier/regulator and stator with the hot shot kit from Rick's.  Charging works well now.

The bike idles and runs OK but starts dying when wide open or when the throttle is blipped.  Timing and compression look good but the jetting setup on the bike seems way different than what most people are running so I ordered some new jets from Dime City.  Hopefully I picked the magic numbers and it will just run great  ;D !

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Re: cl360
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A couple sweet developments this weekend  :o.  Cracked triple tree, I guess I just never noticed, I wonder if the PO painted over the crack?  Ha if you've got one laying around let me know!

These clear fuel lines are useless, does anyone have a lead on some that don't degrade like this, it's nice to be able to see the gas...

Oh, yeah, so the back rim on this thing is crazy wide.  I can wedge a penny between the tire and the lower swingarm.  Any opinions on the safety of this?  Seems a little sketchy...
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Re: cl360
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Looks like the beginning of a great build man and not a bad bike to start with. On the rear tire, yeah it's too wide and personally I wouldn't ride it like that till I got one a little more the right size. After browsing the interwebs it looks like the stock tire size was around a 3.50-18 and by the looks of it that tire is much wider than stock.

You can normally get a little bigger tire on there to a point but if that rim gets bent at all life could get really interesting really fast. I would look into replacing it with a little skinnier tire.

One other thing you will want to look into for the front end is a fork brace or fender for support, will make it a much nicer and safer ride.
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Re: cl360
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Nice looking project you have there. 
The triple tree issue...try posting in the "buying" section.  You will get more views that way.
As for the fuel line, any auto parts store should have some.
The tire issue looks scary.  What size is that tire?  Go get the numbers off of it.  Also, try to look at the rim and see if it hasnthe size...for example 18x1.6, 18x1.85 etc.  That way we will be able to sort out your tire issues.

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Re: cl360
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Welcome and congrats on the bike.  Looks like you're diving right in which is awesome and it seems you know what you're doing (or at least have the confidence required to dig into these old contraptions ;))

For bars, I'd go back to the stock risers and perhaps a low rise 'super bike' bar - you'll find them hanging in just about any bike shop.  Has the look of the original Japanese bars but only a couple inches of rise.  Will be comfortable and still sporty.

Shame the PO spent the money on what looks like a brand new fat rear tire.  Too many people go for that 'look' without considering the consequences.  Stick to the stock size, perhaps 10mm wider if you just have to have a slightly wider appearance.  Bike will handle much better with the original size tires.

You can get proper Motion Pro clear fuel line.  I prefer black braided cloth covered rubber line from BMW.  I cut my teeth on that clear hose that turned yellow and hardened and hate the stuff.  Maybe proper fuel line doesn't do that, but I tend to think the only line that will remain flexible is rubber.  Continue to use clear inline filters to see the fuel if you want to, but carry spares and/or a coupler to remove a clogged fuel filter and join the fuel lines back together.
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Re: cl360
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about the tire.. Tim is right on the part that oem size tires make for better handling.
But i dont see a problem in riding i like it is right now. At high speeds the tire will be higher and smaller due to centrifugal force. If it fits, it fits. I have a 18/160 tire on the rear of my cb550 (with about the same clearances) - where a 130 is OEM. I like the fact that its big and knobby. BRAAAPP

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Re: cl360
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Thanks guys!  Oh well.  I'm on the hunt for a new top triple and keeping an eye out for a new front fender and stock rear rim.  I was thinking about replacing the old rims and spokes anyways, they're pretty rusty.

I was able to pick up some old risers and new tracker bars.  I'll post pics when I get em on.
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Re: cl360
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It looks like there is not a lot of room between the tire and the brake support bar and the chain. If you have slack in the chain, you could move it back some and gain room on between the tire and the swing arm, but you would have to modify the brake arm to get a little more clearance. The chain should be parallel with the tire, so it should not gain or lose any clearance if you were able to move the tire back in the adjusters. You could also add a link to the chain.

I had the same issue with my CB360 top clamp. I lucked out and found a shop breaking a cb360, it took a while, but I only paid $20 plus shipping for the whole top/.bottom triple clamp. Try putting a few Google searches together and have Google send you daily email updates of the results.

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Re: cl360
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Clip ons look good. Be very keen to see how you solve this one. Signed on for this build for sure

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Re: cl360
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I've seen/have a wider tire on a narrow rim. 4.50-18 dirt bike tire on a CB77 hub and 18" rim... Lots of rubber missing from both sides of the tire, and it far predates the whole wide tire craze spawned by the "chopper" scene. Been on the bike since the late 1970s...

Thumb through this month's (February) copy of The Horse next time you go to Wal-mart or Barnes & Noble. Brewdude has his land speed record CB350 in it, some interesting ideas on that bike... and there are some other killer Japanese and English  twins in the same issue. First copy I've bought in months, too many good ideas to pass it up.

You might also want to scope out this month's (February) issue of Motorcyclist. It has Cal Rayborn's track record setting Matchless G50 CSR in it. Can't find a more real street bike turned tracker than that... A friend loaned me his copy, he is not getting it back...

Great starting point. Wish my 1963 CL had been in as good of shape, even if it did come with a ton of upgrades (ex-run what you brung track bike, turned cafe racer, turned fire road beater, turned dust collecting lump of in the way so I got it for free plus my gas paid to pick it up). There are a few Honda compatible sets of Penton/Bultaco (aka Ceriani/Betor) front ends on the 'bay and such right now, and the prices aren't too bad.  Some even have the wheel and triple clamps.
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Re: cl360
« Reply #10 on: Oct 19, 2013, 23:38:22 »
Hows the "hot shot charging system" holding up?  I just ordered one because my headlight is draining my battery so I hope its worth the $$

BTW how did you handle the neutral light since the new system doesnt have a lead for it?