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Restorations / Re: Black Knight, Not a speck of dust.
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 12:53:57 »
Hey Brodie I did some looking for my tap handles.  Cause they make cheap copies that look the same.

Mine are Schroder 40070, made in Germany.

they also make a smaller size/. But I lost mine years ago.
Cafe Racers / Re: CB 360 no limits
« Last post by joelvaughan56 on Today at 11:18:54 »
thats a great looking bike  8)
Cafe Racers / Re: cg125 cafe/brat style
« Last post by joelvaughan56 on Today at 11:15:19 »
just finished fitting the exhaust and now im thinking should i get a set of clubman handlebars
Cafe Racers / Re: CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"
« Last post by Pete12 on Today at 09:53:34 »
Bloody hell, nice wheels Paddy..
Restorations / Re: Black Knight, Not a speck of dust.
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 04:17:10 »
Ha ha, mine seem to attract clutter so fast I'm beginning to believe I share my shop ;D
Great work

Thanks bud, and Yes its funny...

The cleaner the "Task at hand requires = the messier my garage gets"  ;D

Specials / Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Last post by MandoSteve on Today at 02:13:27 »
Made a little progress, but I should have slowed my roll yesterday and it showed today. Just dragging along still. Pulled off the back wheel and that was about all I had in me, even though I needed to clean my bench and do a degrease on the floor. Itís a shop, sure, but the Mrs. likes to come by and bring my lunch so I keep it tidy normally. The VHT paint worked well on the wheel. To be honest, that would be one thing other than the electrical system components I would replace right off the bat, but right now the medical industry owns me. They were fairly well preserved despite their lengthy mud-bath and I think they should be able to hold up fine for the moment. Masked up and shot the rear fender, which Iíll sand and recoat tomorrow if I get up. Yeah...under that pile is a motorcycle. Itís slowly coming together. I have it propped up on a jack by my ďIíll get around to itĒ shelves.

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Cafe Racers / Re: First build ever
« Last post by Canuckplumber on Today at 01:49:05 »
Cool looking project.
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by teazer on Today at 01:31:39 »
I agree that it has to change.  I was just exploring some of the complexities of the possible changes.  Having basically open borders on imports via China Post is not a viable model.
Interested in a tail light/plate holder combo if you still have them.

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