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Any update on progress - hopefully a speedy recovery. 8)
Trackers / Re: CB450 Tracker
« Last post by Pete12 on Today at 06:24:43 »
Finally got the frame all finished with lugs in place for the seat, tank, inner rear guard, tail light, rear shocks, battery box and rear footrests. I think I'll get it sand blasted rather than rub it all back, but I'll decide on that tomorrow.[/img]]
I also got out the powdercoater and did the sidestand and the top engine mounts. I also did the original toolbox, as it was in really good shape and will look good on the bike. I'm quite happy with the results.
Wow! Matt has branched out to ‘love bracelets!’


Cafe Racers / Re: 1978 KZed650 build
« Last post by kwak250 on Today at 04:48:25 »
There are loads, but they're all under 30 feet of lava.
Well they are definitely now

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I swear I spend more time looking for shit in my garage than I do using it.  Absolutely sends me.  Like, loony tunes. 

Still, holding onto stuff is where it's at.  The brackets I made for the rear indicators were salvaged from some shelving material I didn't throw away thinking I may need it one wet Wednesday.

And yes to having to buy stuff for HD's.  Well, no.  Had to shell out a bunch of dollars on tools and fittings for the Sportster once I released it was all built different.  The 1" spanner (what we call a wrench where I come from) has come in useful on several axle bolts though so not a total bust. 
Restorations / Re: Another T500
« Last post by CrabsAndCylinders on Aug 13, 2018, 23:56:54 »
Lots of things rattles on these, levers, kick start arm and loose baffles too.  Does it seem to come from the engine or somewhere else?
I'm adopting a never-throw-anything-away approach in my garage now.  It's amazing how often something that could so easily have been thrown away comes in so useful.

Said every hoarder everywhere. 

The tough part is organizing the "stuff" to the point where you can find the stuff you want.  I need to revamp but I will be moving it all next year.  As long as I have music playing it's always a good time in the garage.  Now where is that box of connectors?
Other Projects / Re: What did you build this week?
« Last post by Redbird on Aug 13, 2018, 23:26:30 »
All you have to do is make a peace sign with your first two fingers, so that the cable is going through your pointer and middle finger and the spring is in the palm of your hand, slide the yellow retainer over the cable, then thread the end of the cable into the hole.  It takes like 5 seconds.
Yup. Used to hold the carb top between my thumb and palm, while compressing/holding the spring with my fingers. All that worked great when I had the OEM cable on it with the VM's. Then I went to an aftermarket cable and the taller adjusters on the VM's. Which shortened the available cable sticking through my fingers to about an inch. Kind of a fight, but still enough room to work with. After going to the TM's, in conjunction with the aftermarket cable, the smaller diameter/stiffer spring and the narrower/deeper recess in the slide, my fat fingers were too much in the way to "Zen" the cable into slides notch.
It's cool though... now I can remove the slide by reversing the procedure and everything stays contained/ready for reinstall... and it only takes 2 seconds.
WTF ???
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