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Re: Project two---a CB400F
« Reply #40 on: Feb 16, 2018, 16:28:43 »
The longer your pipe is, the more torque your bike will make, FYI... Due to the exhaust scavenging effect. So a reverse cone type shorty muffler with no mid-pipe will effectively make your bike have slightly less torque in the crucial street riding range where it counts the most. Considering the amount of back pressure created is equal,
Longer pipes are definitely better.
Yours isn't a MASSIVE difference, but every little bit counts.
 The hipster art project cafe builds (esp. West Coast USA - even $7,000+ "pro-built" bikes) make me cringe due to their use of the shortest weakest power producing exhausts possible, and complete lack of calculating suspension height / triple clamp offset and front tire radius/shock height into the "looks trendy & hip" equation... not to mention that $$$ cognito custom front hub on a $$$ GSXR cartridge fully adjustable comorrssion/rebound front end with incorrect triple offset for the bike feometry, paired with Chinese RFY rear shocks or worse, spine-jarring nearly rigid spring rate Chinese MDI rear shocks!!!!
Sorry to rant, long week...!

Not saying yours falls into this category, your bike rules, just pointing out a useful power producing detail...
 if you left it at a 4 inch long mid pipe dump and no muffler at all, then we might be talking on those terms...

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Re: Project two---a CB400F
« Reply #41 on: Feb 16, 2018, 17:10:04 »
hmmmm...maybe adding in a couple of inches of mid pipe tubing might be thing then?

Thanks chuck