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Re: modified, aftermarket, or custom. nothing is safe (78 KZ1000)
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Making a turbo kit yourself on these bikes is dead easy as long as you get yourself a carbon sealed turbo. Make sure you get a carbon sealed GT25 or GT28 with a ballbearing and even the low oilpressure shouldn't be much of an issue. For the oil-feed you can use the check plug behind the cylinder with a restrictor.

If you want to save yourself a lot of headache go for the biggest Mikuni flatslide you can find, which currently I think is a HSR48 and have a look at classic Mr. Turbo and ATP kits. Instead of the 70ies-style flat flanges, I'd do some V-band flanges instead as they seal nicer and align better.

You'll get away with up to around 7 or 8PSI on standard compression ratios and stock pistons. (Nothing fancy in that respect on my Turbo TR1, I can assure you!) If you want to go higher, turbo pistons and lowered compression are a must. Even though you might be able to sneak in the odd PSI by running a boost retarded ignition and water-meth injection, but really you're living on the edge by then and one thing going wrong basically means boom.
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