Author Topic: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5  (Read 2905 times)

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Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5
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Can you please use the image uploader built into the website so we can actually see your pictures.
This is what we all see.

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Re: '73 CB350G take II: resto-mod - The 3-4-5
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dynamitedave, you can get an app for the browser you use that will make the pictures show up for all photobucket feeds. I use photobucket hotlink fix for chrome - available in the app store.

An update!

I've finally got the motor back in the frame and some other bits bolted on. I ended up laying the engine on its side and lowered the frame onto it, and to be honest I fumbled with it for about 15 minutes before it literally fell into place.  I still have no idea how to actually put the motor into these frames. I also rebuilt the swingarm with shiny new bronze bushings and it'll be a shame to cover them back up when my new dust seals arrive (only assembled for fitment at the moment). Also tapped a new M6 zerk to make it easier to lube with my grease gun.  I also got the exhaust mounted up with the hanger bracket to figure out just how far I have to bend it to get the mufflers to stop touching and to clear the shock.  Luckily, not far.