Author Topic: 82 Virago 750 help a buddy get back on the road winter project.  (Read 5680 times)

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Re: 82 Virago 750 help a buddy get back on the road winter project.
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Well it's been more than 30 days and a lot of learning on my part but over the weekend I got this thing to finally run right and haul ass down the road. Just in time to put it away for the winter LOL. I ruined 2 cams before I figured out the issue. The rear head intake rocker was heat seizing. Cold engine it moved fine, fire the bike up and it ran great on 2 cylinders until I got about a mile down the road, then the rear dropped and it ran like shit. First time the cam had broke clean off at the end and it looked like it had been damaged before I installed it. So I ordered another cam, installed it, same shit but this time just the pin broke off the end and I pulled the cam out when the bike was still hot, found the seized rocker. Waited for it to cool and sure enough it freed up. So ordered a new head/cam assembly for the same price I paid for the cam alone and dropped the motor, swapped the heads, re-installed and now everything works as it should. I even feel I got the jetting correct as it runs really strong, smooth revs etc. Don't know how fast I am going though as the speedo isn't working but I'll sort that later. 

Also, in the many starting sessions the solenoid shit the bed. I ordered one from Amazon and it failed the first start in the one position so the starter just kept turning over and over and over. Lesson, buy OEM on those, so that is on a USPS truck as we speak. 

This was the aftermarket one, stay away from it.

Finally feel good about the bike, was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to get it right there for a bit.
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