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Re: "the Mooch"
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I'm way past civilised discourse and quite pissed off at those assholes telling us to enjoy the situation and welcome the murdering lot from countries bombed by the u.s, thank you very much.

Then maybe it might be best to take a breath and step away from the keyboard for a while. This can be a touchy subject, but if the name calling continues then there will be consequences for those involved.
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Re: "the Mooch"
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@Data: Don't let facts get in the way of your feelings, no matter where those feelings originate, I guess. If the police in Sweden are reporting downticks in crime but you somehow feel "immigrants" or "refugees" or "muslims" are raping "your women" and committing more crime, have at it. If you want to argue that what Europen needs is far right fascist governments, by all means -- have at it. If you then want to recoil and get offended and call me an "idiot pc monger" that's fine too. But I imagine anyone looking at this conversation would make some pretty plausible assumptions about your motivation.

As for the murdering migrants, the bombings, the "group rapes," the mass killings -- we can probably both agree that in the real world these things don't exist, right? I imagine you can find some information about incidents involving migrants -- they're people, a certain proportion of them will commit crimes as will any proportion of any people. But I, for some reason, haven't heard the "group rapes" news, or news about the bombings, etc.

Out of curiosity, why do you assume he is dancing around a "purity" issue?

Germany is the country in the EU that has taken in the most, and they've found them responsible for the uptick in violent crime. Uptick in truck attacks as well. The News Years Eve attacks were widely reported a couple years ago. The BBC has a good write up on the study that has been done on it over the last few years since Merkle decided to buck EU policy and open the doors to over 1M of them.

Though, the crimes are less likely to be carried out by Middle Easterners, as they seem to not to want to jeopardize their chance of staying. It's people who have fled Northern Africa that are committing them, mostly.

He's not really dancing around the purity issue, he's plunging right into it: fears of immigrant rapists, praise of far right fascists. The notion that "others" are defiling "our women" has a long history.

And yes, obviously, the German attacks were abhorrent. But this is what people tend to do: latch on to an event and then spread or believe rumors that make it sound as though it's worse than it is, as it is consistent with their preexisting biases. Here is a decent piece on Germany, rumors, and the "threat:"

"Recent numbers from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) suggest that the influx of refugees into the country this fall had a low impact on crime numbers relative to the natural uptick that would happen with any population increase: Although the number of refugees in the country increased by 440 percent between 2014 and 2015, the number of crimes committed by refugees only increased by 79 percent. (The number of crimes against refugees increased as well.)"

Anti-immigrant rhetoric, frequently rumors that are not based in fact, propel people to commit individual acts of violence against immigrants. You've seen that there in the US as well -- that idiot in the pizza restaurant, for example.

Is civilised discourse really so difficult?


No it's not. Well for some it is, I guess.
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