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Bullit Custom Cycles, Change of Owners.
« on: Nov 27, 2017, 16:23:25 »
Good afternoon all, As some of you will know the Bullit Custom Cycles website has been offline for some time now, This is because the previous owner (Rob, Awesome guy BTW) had decided that he was going to sell the parts side of the business to concentrate on other aspects. Mainly he is now just staying with building custom motorcycles. Although I can't speak much about Rob's reasoning behind this(I love the guy, he can speak for himself if he wants to). Consequent to this I am proud to say I am the new owner of Bullit Custom Cycles, I also own Middlesex Motorcycle Co. I will give you all the coles notes of what is now happening with the company/companies.

--Middlesex Motorcycle Co.
   This is our manufacturing company, We will continue to operate as such, making custom/aftermarket motorcycle parts, This is a full service
   manual/CNC machine shop with the ability to manufacture pretty much anything.

--Bullit Custom Cycles
   This portion of our business will continue to operate as a parts business in much the same way Rob had originally set it up. We are currently in the
   process of restoring the Bullit website for ordering, as of right now you can order any product that you would have from Bullit directly from myself,
   or you can order them through Middlesex Motorcycle Co. We are currently updating the store at MMC to have all the Bullit parts listed as well as
   our own if you want something that is not yet present on the site feel free to email me.

--Bullit Motorcycle Works
   Rob has changed the name of his FB Page and his Blog to Bullit Motorcycle Works, which operates independently of Bullit Custom Cycles. There will be links on the Bullit Custom Cycles website as well as the MMC website to connect everything together.

Thank You for all the great support the community has given Rob and myself over the years, I am going to attempt to be an active poster on the Ton to continue with Rob's legacy as I have large shoes to fill.


Middlesex Motorcycle Co.

Bullit Custom Cycles --under Re-Construction

Robs Sites (Bullit Motorcycle Works) --FB Page --Robs Blog
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Re: Bullit Custom Cycles, Change of Owners.
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The Bullit Website is back up and running, it should be fully functional now