Author Topic: I stepped in it - XS750/896 build  (Read 1156 times)

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Re: I stepped in it - XS750/896 build
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Dang!  Ok, I'll probably keep the Mikunis and get what I can out of them. 
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Re: I stepped in it - XS750/896 build
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Hi Tom
Nanno (If you search you will find his blog on this site) used 3 x Mikuni TM carbies to work on his XS750 sidecar. I think they were 36mm, but it was a lot of work, a real lot of work!! You have to figure out how you are going to get 3 carbie cables going into 1 throttle cable. And then you have the issue of 3 individual chokes - how do you activate them. You can only reach 1 of the 3 choke plungers. It has been done but Nanno has put his TM carbies on the market and is now using others that are more simple.
If you get a set from a Triumph 900 triple they basically fit straight in.

The Cruising Image pistons are meant to be made in Japan not China, but who really knows, they are what they are. As long as you have them and give them to the shop that will bore the cylinders on a proper rigid set up there will be no problems.
My machinist was pretty certain they (cruzin pistons)were not chinese. He would not have touched them if he thought so.
Some guys are picky..