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  • Sonreir™: :(
    Jun 27, 2017, 12:52:44
  • Maritime: That Independance pass sounds like one of the routes we are doing
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:20:26
  • Maritime: Chuck, the trip organiser sent descriptions of the 3 days routes but no highway numbers, one of them says we will be going 12,000 feet up and will need layers to put on so sounds like that pass
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:27:33
  • canyoncarver: Bummer Jussy.
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:42:42
  • canyoncarver: Just take more deep breaths up there Mike.
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:43:32
  • Maritime: Yep, Been in mountains before but 5-6000 feet, not 12 LOL
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:49:29
  • Maritime: the switch backs look epic. I have ridden a few of those in NH white  mountains and they are fun
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:50:12
  • Maritime: One good thing, the bike I have rented is fuel injected so will be less power loss as we climb vs a carbed bike
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:56:15
  • Maritime: Will still probably lose 20-30% of it's power
    Jun 27, 2017, 13:56:43
  • irk miller: The ghost of Jussy Longhorn makes it's appearance.
    Jun 27, 2017, 15:11:52
  • canyoncarver: I did the pass on my Z with carbs, no biggie
    Jun 27, 2017, 15:34:49
  • canyoncarver: But I'm also jetted for 5-6000 feet.
    Jun 27, 2017, 15:36:41
  • Maritime: Yep that wouldn't be bad, I live at sea level so taking my bike up to 12000 feet would not work well. I'd need to stop half way and re-jett LOL. It was ok in the white mountains but when we got up to the tallest part of the road about 5000 above sea level it did run a little worse
    Jun 27, 2017, 15:53:21
  • canyoncarver: Yep, my house is at 7200 feet and Albuquerque is mostly about 5-5500 feet.
    Jun 27, 2017, 16:09:12
  • canyoncarver: And I run it a bit rich so..
    Jun 27, 2017, 16:09:38
  • Maritime: So our barely 2 year old cat just up and died last night.  He apparantly had a heart defect and died of a heart attack.
    Today at 08:19:28
  • Maritime: it was not pleasant to watch and be able to do nothing.
    Today at 08:19:51
  • Kamn: Sorry to hear that Mike
    Today at 08:44:21
  • Maritime: Thanks, it sucked. He was just a the vet and got a clean $250 bill of health too
    Today at 08:45:06
  • Maritime: we googled it after calling the vet and apparantly it's happens more than people think. I've never heard of it but there were lots of articles about it
    Today at 08:46:06
  • Kamn: At least he wasn't alone when he passed on
    Today at 08:46:34
  • Maritime: Yep, we were both there staring in disbelief, he came in the house, meaowed hello, came upstairs, went in Williams room where he likes to sleep, we heard him crash into something snapped on the light and he was on his side eyes bugged out and he made one last gasping breath and died
    Today at 08:50:39
  • Maritime: oh and I just found out I have gout which is fucking awesome too
    Today at 08:51:14
  • Maritime: I just started walking well and now my good foot hurts like a mother fucker and I am limping again
    Today at 08:51:46
  • Kamn: at least it can be treated
    Today at 08:55:34
  • Kamn: but still sucks balls
    Today at 08:57:49
  • Maritime: Yep, I got to get an appointment to see my Dr. using ice and IB prophen for now, I can barely walk but if it's like my mom's and Uncles it will last 3-4 days then go away, then flare up again down the road
    Today at 09:02:10
  • Maritime: I'm on the 3rd day of it now.
    Today at 09:02:30
  • Maritime: If I get the meds for it, 1-2 days is all I have to suffer.
    Today at 09:02:57
  • Maritime: And I need to start taking tart cherry extract to help prevent future flare ups. My FIL has been taking for years and he went from a flare up almost every month to less than 2 last year
    Today at 09:06:30
  • Kamn: diet change will help as well
    Today at 09:08:11
  • Kamn: picked up a 91cc saw last week and won a 36" stihl bar on eBay for $100 shipped (from stihl here its $160 plus tax)
    Today at 09:10:07
  • Kamn: haven't touched any of the bikes in a while, all just sitting there waiting to be put together
    Today at 09:11:26
  • Maritime: Nice score on the saws. I have the GL almost ready to clear. Hope to get it striped tonight so i can clear the next day the humidity cooperates. I got the silver and blue laid on sunday and it was 50% humidity so it laid nice and flat, no peel or runs at all
    Today at 09:40:29
  • Maritime: I am considering doing the stripes by hand with paint instead of the vinyl as well. We'll see on that.
    Today at 09:42:08
  • Kamn: go for it!
    Today at 09:47:34
  • Maritime: Yep, I just need to check my brush situation, if Magoo has used up all my good brushes I can't buy replacements close here anywhere.
    Today at 09:50:30
  • Maritime: And to order some will make it take to long and I want the GL back on the road ASAP
    Today at 09:51:29
  • Kamn: don't know if it mentioned here but, Canadian Sniper shot record set at 3450 meters.....took out isis dude almost 3.5km's away
    Today at 10:37:25
  • advCo: morning folks
    Today at 10:53:06
  • Kamn: wus up hommie?
    Today at 10:57:30
  • Sonreir™: o/
    Today at 11:09:46
  • advCo: Trying to decide if I want to try plating the fasteners for the Van Van
    Today at 11:22:30
  • advCo: I need gaskets for the carb and petcock on the CT90, but neither of them are stock so I have to do some digging
    Today at 11:27:21
  • advCo: That thing has been seriously modified, I'm wondering if its been bored out and had head work done
    Today at 11:27:54
  • canyoncarver: VanVan
    Today at 11:54:31
  • advCo: Its coming along, lots of paint
    Today at 11:57:29
  • JustinLonghorn: I am a fan
    Today at 12:49:59
  • advCo: Will be a fun bike when all is said and done
    Today at 13:05:33
  • Maritime: Yep, paint looked good.
    Today at 13:41:27

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