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Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by J-Rod10 on Today at 23:32:25 »
I've never really understood 10000 dollar toolboxes.
I need it to be made of thick enough steel, have nice drawer slides, and hold the weight of my tools. That's it. Why the fuck anyone would pay snap on, matco, Cornwell etc prices baffles me
My Snap-On is vintage. Bought it at a yard sale. Chock full of 60's Snap-On tools, for $150. Guys widow was unloading all his goods.
Restorations / Re: 1976 CB360 Restomod
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 23:31:29 »
The machine looks great.  Enjoy it.  8)
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: Kartoon Korner!
« Last post by stroker crazy on Today at 23:23:27 »
Swamp creatures:
Restorations / Re: 1976 CB360 Restomod
« Last post by irk miller on Today at 23:18:08 »
Glad that side cover worked out.
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by SONIC. on Today at 22:50:26 »
I've never really understood 10000 dollar toolboxes.
I need it to be made of thick enough steel, have nice drawer slides, and hold the weight of my tools. That's it. Why the fuck anyone would pay snap on, matco, Cornwell etc prices baffles me
Iíll be out in Pittsburgh assuming I get my RD back together. I always seem to make each build schedule more complex than it should be.
Darn, Levi, I was going to have a bike together by this time and suggest we both go to this. 
You're welcome to the dr650 if you wanna ride down with me. Nick is coming along as well on a borrowed v rod. There is always next year too

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Restorations / 1976 CB360 Restomod
« Last post by JukeJoint on Today at 22:19:27 »
I picked this bike up with the intentions of running in on the cheap but I tripped into that damn rabbit hole head first. It didn't help that my local Yamaha shop has great prices and was nice enough to order Honda parts at a fraction of what the Honda dealer charged me for things in the past. I've put it a lot of work, and am continuing to do so. I thought it would be nice to have a place to document everything and get some opinions on what I'm doing, especially the things I'm doing wrong. Yes, I've taken my chain-guard off and the dust deflector for the front disc brake..but I use wax lube..and that thing in the front was fugly in it's grey plastic state. Maybe I'll try the heat gun on it.. someday. Anyway. I'm putting up a pic from when I first bought the bike. I'll have to get some pics of it's current state. It's not all that different, really. I'm basically going all out to get the thing to perform as it should and see what that's like before I fall into the lower levels of the rabbit hole.

The list of things I've done so far.. Roadrider tires in stock size, wheel bearings, blasted, painted and baked the caliper and put a new seal and pads in there. I put a new gasket insulator thingy in the tach bezel, tach cable, euro handlebars and new grips, rebuilt the carbs with kits, removed the stock airbox since the PO put some foam in place of the paper filter. It was an awful job. Eventually I'll burn the paper and gunk off of the stock element frames and put in some UNI foam, but I can't find the green sheet I have right. So what I ordered some pods from 4into1 and glued them suckers onto the stock intake tubes with Moto-Seal and some clamps. I'm retaining the stock battery and location right now so this was my only choice. The pods were threaded so this worked well and have held up for about 1,500 miles. It doesn't run half bad this way but my idle is around 1400 which is fine since I put a 17 tooth front sprocket on and a new chain and rear sprocket. Not changing gears every half second probably keeps acceleration times similar if not better than a 16. I still need to get the timing gun out and do a proper job, so that along with a shitty condenser probably has more to do with my high idle than my intake, along with uneven mufflers. They're stock, but one side is blown out. It's pretty loud but now I have stockholm (or hellsinki syndrome as richard hammond would say) and I just really want to gut them out completely so they're even. Idk if I'm damaging things riding it uneven like that..probably. I have some jets on hand for whenever I get around to it. Runs lean up top so I really need to get going on that. Pulled my carbs the other day to change them and ended getting distracted by other details and put the fuckers back on without going up to 112's. I'll try to get them in on the bike. I'm a little worried to run to rich on one side and I'm not sure how to debaffle these elongated pipes yet. Sawsall maybe. My neighbors are pretty cool out in the country here so I'll run the pipes without baffling. Harley country here in WI so I could run open exhaust with a megaphone tip and the fuzz would look the other way. Deer hear more than they see so that's another reason I want to be heard. There's a doe on every corner where I live. Hunting laws were recently changed where I live so the deer pop is up to the freakin moon now.
Anywhoooo. What else have I done. Replace a lot of little rubber bits like the handlebar mount insulator cone things, kickstand and centerstand stoppers, sidecover grommets, got a new sidecover after mine blew off one day (thank you Irk!). I've probably done some other things! lol Oh, plugs, plug caps, points..did those along with the points cover gasket. Got a Vesrah gasket kit for a winter project as the bike weeps a bit of oil. I haven't cleaned that whole mess up yet so IDK. It's pretty grimy on the bottom case. And yes, I have changed the oil. Ran a bit of Risoline through it and changed it again. I'm using Lucas synthetic @ 10W30. Seems to be working. Clutch isn't slipping and It's quieted down a bit. Although tappet adjustment was the biggest problem as far as noise goes. The regulator was broken off the tool box so that came off and I mounted the rectifier where the tool box was and the regulator on one of the upper airbox mounts. Looks a little better I guess but I liked having a box for plugs and tools which are now in my backpack. I plan to bend up a simple shelf from some aluminum strip that I have and remount both of them on that right where the tool box was.

Things on the to do list are front fork seals. Not sure how much oil is left in there. Get a new grease fitting for clutch adjuster and I guess one of the carb pivot shaft covers fell off somehow even though I can't get the other side off after it went in a little crooked and dented it. The new wool for the shafts might have had something to do with it but IDK. Seemed sturdy.. Today I bought some vinyl and foam to make a new seat cover. Gotta do that. Looks like shit with a tank top covering it up. Better than when I got it but it definitely kills the overall aesthetics. There's a small dent in the tank. I'm going to order one of those roller balls for factory use and just roll it out from inside. It'll be better until I figure out what I want to do as a permanent fix. At some point in it's life the bike fell over. The headlight bracket and signals are tweaked. The rear so much that I had to pull them and start using hand signals when necessary. The rear mounts are bent so I have this dumb idea of shaving those off and drilling the tailight mount, which is pretty ugly as is, and mounting them there. I say dumb idea because I have it in my mind that mounting them to form somewhat of a Y will look good. I'll check it out when the signals get here. Ordered some ebay signals I plan to VHT nightshade the lighter areas so you can't see the diodes. I have a LED relay here already so I hope that's all I need to so the swap. Gotta do the exhaust gaskets yet. They seem alright but I'm not going to skimp. Need some intake manifold rubbers. Changed the gaskets on them already but they're cracked but not all the way through as far as I can tell. Gonna wrap some electrical tape around them someday and make it ghetto fabulous until I get some new ones. Trying to find a source that isn't going to take an arm for each one. Contemplating having my friend CNC a mold and casting my own. Anyone interest in that? I think the OEMs have metal plates in them so I could use those as "cores".
I'll update later with some recent pics and hopefully some more progress!

Oh. I'm having an issue with my gas cap. It wont close all the way. I have a new gasket on hand that I need to put it, so hopefully that will fix it. The one I have is for a CB360 but I think I have a cap for a CL360 or something else. I believe it was one with the fuel level indicator. Hard to tell since the plastic is all yellowed and I can't see through it. I want to keep the cap and do something cool like put in something weird like a scarab or spider and dump some of that liquid acrylic glass over it to make something unique. Maybe something else more bike related like a mini sprocket or gear and not so Jurassic Park. Anyway, the cap latches just fine, I think, but it doesn't come down all the way to seal completely. I use the gas before it gets too crappy, but I'm a smoker, and sometimes I get a faint whiff of fuel when I'm working on it in the garage. Carbs don't leak anymore and the air filters aren't covered in fuel. I think it comes from the cap/tank since I can push the cap down further when latched. The gasket isn't hard as a rock, but the new one I got seems almost too soft to even take fuel. What y'all think? Change it and shut up already?

Well, thanks for reading. I'm fairly new to bikes. This is my second, first on the road, so I'll take any feedback y'all want to shell out.
Just curious who all is participating this year?

This will be my first time participating. Ill be riding in the Columbus Ohio group on my 1976 BMW R90/6.

How about it, who else is going?

Darn, Levi, I was going to have a bike together by this time and suggest we both go to this. 
SELLING / Re: Cb750 tank cb550 tank cb750 cafe seat cb450 tank
« Last post by white orbs on Today at 21:59:06 »
Forgot I had this rad cb450 tank.
Cool patina no dents or dings. A vinegar rinse and off you go.
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