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Trackers / Re: 1976 CB550 Scrambler - Project Warpig
« Last post by mothgils on Today at 09:20:36 »

I have put about 300-400 miles on it so far.  Still has some tuning kinks to work out.  When we swapped the other motor in, I slapped on my GP Werks 4-1.  It sounds amazing but can be annoying for long distances.  I may go ahead and swap the 4-2 setup back on and see how I like it.  It will give me a bit more ground clearance.

I have some sort of vibration at about 55-60ish and can't seem to determine the cause.  The wheel is balanced and true.  I have adjusted my preload all over the place and it doesn't seem to really affect it.

Next step is to make some adjustments here and there.  Need to address the lighting (needs a better headlight).  Also, plan to build a rear luggage rack and side pannier racks that can be removable.

SELLING / Re: ARD Magneto
« Last post by surffly on Today at 09:16:05 »
Unit is now sold.
Cafe Racers / Re: Monoshock 1982 cb450t
« Last post by cxman on Today at 07:39:45 »
they are a great virtually indestructible bike

Loungin at da club / Re: Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics
« Last post by beachcomber on Today at 07:00:00 »
I saw a video of him riding it in the pissing rain [ Barber ? ] - respect for man and machine
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / Re: 1981 cb750f oil from stator cover
« Last post by KK on Today at 06:58:59 »
thanks cxman!
SELLING / Re: FS: Unused Cone Muffler
« Last post by der_nanno on Today at 06:11:42 »
Free shipping to Europe?  ;)

If so, I might be tempted...
Electrical / Re: Yamaha 12v Conversion
« Last post by firebane on Today at 01:56:59 »
Good catch on the negative of the battery eliminator I would have done that instinctively just missed on the drawing. Will alter fuse location though.

Cafe Racers / Re: XV920R - Fat and Low
« Last post by MORK on Today at 01:50:41 »
She moves.

Nominations closed - voting thread to come shortly!
Cafe Racers / Re: Monoshock 1982 cb450t
« Last post by Grayson on Today at 00:37:32 »
Here's another few pics of it

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