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Re: Neutral availabilty limited
« Reply #15 on: Jul 27, 2016, 23:59:27 »
i would venture to say its the clutch dragging very slightly this will absolutely make it more difcult to neutralize motivation once stopped and engine running
let me guess it runs a little ruff so you have it idling a little high as well ? hmmm only compounds the issue
it is possible but i have not got first hand onnit,it is possible that damage commenced upon  low oil by either a little extra heat and or both the lower lube level
its time to pull the clutchpak and flat glass the plates for warpage or granite slab, that is observe how a plate plants down if its got a little air gaps and light ,wants to be a rocker just layin there then you learned shit
thats all

Good advice.  This is your problem.  If the clutch drags at all you will go from first to second to first to second and skip right past neutral every time you try to find it.  As xb says, if you unload the driveline you should easily be able to click into neutral, but if you do not already realize this, it will be hard to explain.  Adding oil to a low all the time bike will swell the dry-ish clutch plates causing it to drag more than before, greatly increasing the trouble.  And/or, you may have gotten it hot either from use/abuse or lack of oil and the plates are warped - it takes very little.  Take it apart, flatten the steel plates and correctly adjust all the bits that engage the clutch.  If that does not work replace all the friction (non steel) plates or glass bead them as xb suggests.  If you do that, run them over a glass plate with some sandpaper on it to check them for flat as well.  All the parts must be flat beyond what you can see with the naked eye (well, at least if you are not sure what you are looking at).  A sheet of #400 sandpaper wet on a sheet of new glass should scratch the entire surface leaving no bare spots with one stroke.  Get all the plates to pass this test and your problem will be gone.
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Re: Neutral availabilty limited
« Reply #16 on: Jul 31, 2016, 23:49:57 »
Thanks all for the advice. Plate warp is what I'll be looking for. I'll be done with my other daily next week, and ready to lay her up. Be back soon with what I find. Thx!
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Re: Neutral availabilty limited
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Guys it's been a very long time since I've ridden the 500. The last time I rode it, it stopped switching gears entirely, which was the last straw to completely rebuild the bike from top to bottom. I literally rode her hard daily year round for 5 years and she deserves a makeover.

This post was regarding the clutch issues, so if you guys don't mind me bringing a year old post back to life, ill share the current clutch conditions.

I did a mirror test on the plates with a feeler gauge, and will try jpmobius sandpaper test this weekend. The plates really seemed flat overall but seems to have some irregular wear. Friction plate fingers are all scraped up, and inner clutch has a deep gash. The inner and outer baskets have notching but you can't feel em. Inner notches worse than outer (not shown)

Here are some pics:

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