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CX500 winging it
« on: Mar 03, 2018, 21:07:54 »
Second build for me, first was a xl125 i can post pics of if anyones interested.

Working on a cx500 project, converting to monoshock and just kinda making as i go, best part is picked the bike up for 80$ still haven't dove into the engine but first pass looks like it might run with little work. 
Kind of a picture dump but here's what i've done so far and the direction i'm heading with it.

Some details:
cx500, looks like previous owner chopped the rear shocks and was going for a bobber look
R1 rear shock with stiffer spring, found that the set up i welded was to soft for the stock

Let me know what you guys think and ill try to keep updating as i find time.

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Re: CX500 winging it
« Reply #1 on: Mar 03, 2018, 21:09:16 »
How it started

and some more work done today on it

the entire rear and seat pan is on a hinge, and I'll seal off the area below to create storage, thinking ill add a key lock to keep it secure and maybe line with walnut or leather for things like riding gloves, registration, spare fuses, and anything else.
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