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TranceMachineVienna, thanks a lot! I think your advice is extremely helpful and it really guides me the way to go!
Unfortunately I am unable to work on the seat pan until this weekend but here's my plan:

I bought a "Universal Cafe Seat" on eBay and obviously Universal is the word that we should all be warned considering a cafe racer project. Anyway, it did not fit due to my DOHC cb750 has a upward frame and that's why I decided to make one. But here's the good news: it comes with 3 pieces of mounting hardware (one for under the gas rail, two for the frame). My plan is to:

1. Drill holes to corresponding mounting hardware on the seat pan.
2. Mount the hardware onto the seat pan and fiberglass them on.
3. Screw them in, these hardware would give me enough clearance. If not, I will put some rubber spacer or foam in between the seat pan and the frame.
4. Weld nuts onto the frame once everything in place.

How do you think of that? I will take your advice seriously!
Bob and Chop / Re: Project Ground Pounder -1981 Suzuki DR500
« Last post by irk miller on Oct 16, 2018, 23:57:54 »
Chris stole it.
Bob and Chop / Re: Project Ground Pounder -1981 Suzuki DR500
« Last post by clem on Oct 16, 2018, 23:54:16 »
How did that nice swingarm disappear?

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This got me inspired to finally start on something for the forks.  At this stage, I am planning on testing two routes, a budget route and an expensive route and I will then test the performance difference (if not too subjective and hopefully measurable???). 

So how are you going to measure success?
I have bought a few bikes, the Husaberg in particular, where the PO had wound up the preload, compression dampening and rebound to a point the bike was unsafe. It would spit you off at the first bump, no wonder he sold it so cheap! Backed it all off so the wheels could actually react and now it is beautiful bike to ride! It is much softer, but it does not bottom out and the wheels stay engaged with the track (except when airborne)  ;D.
Bob and Chop / Re: CB750 No Plunger Hellride Freedom Machine
« Last post by irk miller on Oct 16, 2018, 22:36:22 »
Just how in the F did you do that?
It's etched aluminum.

That is beautiful.
Thanks, my man.
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by carnivorous chicken on Oct 16, 2018, 21:56:48 »
In a cruel twist of fate, everyone that donated to Stormy's GoFundMe, essentially donated money to pay for Trump's legal fees that she has to pay.

In other news, Elizabeth Warren released DNA results to prove she is Native American. She is 1/1024 Native American. 0.097% Native American. Less than one tenth of one percent. The average European-American is 0.18% Native American. The Cherokee Nation released a statement bashing her last night or this a.m., can't remember which.

So let's call them Horseface and Pocahontas? What an utterly disgraceful day, and some people think it's a good time to gloat.

As Irk points out, it's only the defamation lawsuit, by a porn star who Trump paid off after he had sex with her -- with a supposedly small and misshapen organ -- without a condom (does he already have herpes?). So he paid someone for sex who he thinks is ugly?

Not sure where you get your news, but I think I have an idea. Reputable sources are showing that the test reveals 1/64 to 1/1026, which is between 6 and 10 generations, consistent with her "family lore."

Trump is now trying to chintz out on a bet (proceeds going to charity). That's not a big surprise either.

The man is unfit for office. Unless you think this kind of behavior is presidential? Some people do, and continue to laud this kind of behavior.
Specials / Re: CL350 Junker Wrenching
« Last post by MandoSteve on Oct 16, 2018, 21:14:28 »
It does do that, for sure. I didnít really get to complete my efforts on the points today as I still havenít picked up the mounting hardware...but one thought on this always leads to another. For cranking purposes, I really needed somewhere to put some switches and clutch, throttle that naturally brought up the front end. I have picked up two discarded forks and I think they are fit enough. I started wire-wheeling the triple-tree clamps so I could go ahead and paint them and I also decided I would go ahead and put the bearings, etc. back into place. Unfortunately, these bearings have seen better days. I can eyeball spots on them even after careful cleaning. I think I will replace them with the modern cylindrical bearings already in a sleeve. No reason to put something I know to be defective back into place. I did replace the starter solenoid and about a foot of wiring that was a little sketchy. To be honest, I could probably prune and replace the whole thing, but I hate to get ahead of myself. On the right cylinder, I pulled out the plug and glanced at it. It was new as could be on the business end. BR8ES. I bet that didnít work out so well. I replaced it and the other with two matching B8ES. I would have done more, but that was enough to make me clammy. Ready to shake off this chest cold.

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Member Introductions / Re: Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K
« Last post by Maritime on Oct 16, 2018, 21:02:44 »
Doubt it. I had a wheel bent on the gl and road tbe cabbot trail never feeling it at all but everyone told me it was freaky wobbly. I got ond of the guys tonride it and saw it. Looked terrible but be could t feel it eithe r. It was .001 mm out of acceptable round but I swapped it. I bet a spoke losened up on you a d that made it wobble
Bob and Chop / Re: CB750 No Plunger Hellride Freedom Machine
« Last post by canyoncarver on Oct 16, 2018, 20:44:24 »
That is beautiful. 
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by irk miller on Oct 16, 2018, 20:10:47 »
In a cruel twist of fate, everyone that donated to Stormy's GoFundMe, essentially donated money to pay for Trump's legal fees that she has to pay.

That is only for a defamation lawsuit.  It has nothing to do with her lawsuit against Trump over the nondisclosure agreement.
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