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Cafe Racers / Re: Guernz's old man's cafe project.
« Last post by WhyNot on Today at 13:36:21 »
Restorations / Re: My Dad's Bike - 2012 Yamaha FJR1300
« Last post by 1fasgsxr on Today at 13:34:45 »
Job well done. I would bet the front tire is just low on air.
Cafe Racers / Re: 1998 Gsxr 750 build
« Last post by 1fasgsxr on Today at 13:18:12 »
Its alive !!  I bought a gasket off ebay and the pump still leaked like crazy. Went back to the original minus some metal spacer and no leaks. Now I need to order a long list of parts and pick up one of those plastic welders and get busy.
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by Sav0r on Today at 13:00:54 »
Yeah, Spotify definitely changes the way music is listened too.

I run a Plex server which lets me stream all my music to any of my devices while the content is only located on the server. A fair amount of the music I own being live shows never ends up on Spotify.
Cafe Racers / Re: Ducati engined café racer
« Last post by HansS on Today at 12:50:56 »
Thanks for the input. Tumbs up for having concerns about my safety.
Yes it will be heat treated. I made some calculations but Im not finished with them. Also I discovered things when I cut the SA open that one can't see from the outside.
Casting is really odd. It's very thin just in front of where the shock original mounts.
I have a backup but it's not as pretty as the KTM Swingarm.
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by SONIC. on Today at 12:44:21 »
I do vinyl and spotify.
While I prefer vinyl, spotify is certainly not bad quality wise when streamed at 320kbps.
You can also download for offline use, i have several playlists at a time downloaded for when I lose signal (rare these days honestly).

I would look on spotify, you may be surprised how much is already out there digitally, may be no need to spend so much time converting.
Cafe Racers / Re: Ducati engined café racer
« Last post by slikwilli420 on Today at 12:40:48 »
Hi thanks.
Farmer92. No I haven't planed for triangulation. My thought is that the SA is from a dirt bike and the forces on the street should be considerable less than it's dimensioned for. I hope im right.😆.

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Odd assumption. Don't hope you're right, as that gets people killed. Dirt bikes are not made to hook up instantly like a street bike. Good sticky tires and you may put the arm above its limits. Dirt bike parts dont always translate to street for a number of reasons. Please do your homework and plan on having the arm heat treated afterwards.
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 12:17:24 »
I have hundreds of old tapes and cd's.  I can't find it all online.   I've converted the CD's to high bitrate mp3's and I slowly convert tapes to mp3 as well.  That takes alot of time.  No, it won't be the same as a new digital copy but I have a general disdain for re-masters.  I also will not pay to stream music that I can't download locally.   Having an internet connection as a requirement to listen to music is a no-go for me.
BUYING / WTB: CB360 top triple tree, coils
« Last post by focusinprogress on Today at 11:46:45 »
as title says, need to replace a busted top triple and a set of stock coils for a 74 cb360

PM with what ya got and price.
Anyone use anything else?

I use Elring Dirko HT (red), with great success. Especially as it's a lot cheaper overhere and it comes off very easily with just a bit of Acetone. And a little bit goes a very long way, i.e. a tube will last you several engine cases.
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