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Engines / Re: ducati 900ss engine head mods
« Last post by themotoworks on Today at 16:18:26 »
I'll check my notes, I think they might be wider than that, but they're definitely wider than the stock seats by a long shot
Enduro / Dirt / Re: RMX Suzuki
« Last post by bingowings on Today at 15:19:07 »

Now for sale if anyone interested £1650
Cafe Racers / Re: Am I the Pontius Pilate of this CX500?
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 13:28:27 »
Personally I would cut some semi-circular clearance around top of shocks to allow rear of seat to sit substantially lower The angle at present is more reminiscent of German 'Streetfighters' from 90's. Bottom of tank 'slopes' down so you can't really follow it's line
Trackers / Re: CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 13:01:26 »
No real reason except I'm not an engineer so don't want to lose any strength in clutch hub. The holes are large enough to prevent oil build up, you often find clutch hub as acted as a secondary centrifugal filter  ;D
 I also drill a 10mm hole opposite the one where hold down spring fits, not enough to affect balance (it should improve it)  It just looks better to me  ;)
If you don't have 'race' clutch springs, it's one of the cheapest and best modifications you can do
Cafe Racers / Re: The Worst Ducati in Dallas
« Last post by rentedshoes on Today at 13:01:16 »
Thanks for the feedback Teazer and DesmoDog. I have taken it to heart. After staring at the bike and researching carbon sub-frames and monocoque tail sections, I agree that I was headed down the wrong path. I think I can do better. The trick is the make the thing strong enough and keep the aesthetic.

At this point, this is the look I want. I still think the tubular support of the tail is key to the look of the bike. Also, I really like the idea of using all four of the stock mounting points. However, the more I think on this, the more I question it.

I suppose that I could use all four stock mounts and ditch the tubular supports using a mounting design like the one pictured above. Iím just not sure this bike will look correct with a floating tail. I think that you guys are right that with the correct layup the tail should be plenty strong and not need a more traditional skeleton.

I guess all thatís left now is to try a couple of things and see what works.
Trackers / Re: CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.
« Last post by Cursh on Today at 12:50:19 »
I have the technology! Ivan do that. Thanks so much.

Out of curiosity, any reason for the two vs three holes? Looks great. I wouldnít have guessed it was a hand job.

I figured I could grab a new points cover from the scrap yard if I need to go back to points. It just seems to be a heat game. Hopefully I can fix the Ascot (water cooled) before summer comes back. I may try to trade it for a gen 2  Toyota Hilux. I like the idea of being younger than most of my shit and there is a guy who seems to like the Ascot who has one.
Trackers / Re: CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 12:49:15 »
Trek is great for adding stuff to pictures to explain whats going on.   ;D (I think it's so obvious I rarely describe what is happening after I've done it)
The 3-2-3-2 sequence has '2' holes 'between' the  '3' holes. It can be done with a and drill but bench drill is better. Can't remember size, something that doesn't scratch area where plate tangs ride
Trackers / Re: CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 12:26:11 »
Im afraid your points may be exposed to more dirt and gunk being open like that.
Probably fine for electronic ignitions.
Trackers / Re: CB360 - OEM+ lets see what happens here.
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 12:21:07 »
Heres how I drilled mine.  Not the best angle on pic but its the jist of it.

Simply 2 pairs of the 3 holes opposite of each other and 2 pairs of 2 holes opposite. Drilled by hand w Dremel to chamfer.

Engines / Re: '72 CL175 engine trouble?
« Last post by teazer on Today at 11:53:31 »
It is quite possible that it had nothing to do with that bike and may just have been dropped off a bench or whatever.  Back in teh day, they tended to use split pins rather than that type of R clip, so it's entirely possible that it's unrelated to your bike.
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