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Other Projects / Re: BGW Tri-Rod Panty Dropper Hellride
« Last post by pidjones on Today at 20:41:02 »
I think it needs a  bright grass-green large flake paint job with yellow flake vinyl done like an old Kustom guitar amp.
I got a "spare" 400 four ready to bolt in.  ;D , sitting in Hurco's shed.  Just need to make the drive over to get it. 

Oh no... Levi's shed...  bro... dude... do you have any concept of Levi's shed?  There are SOOO many things there!  Things of wonder and awe, things of dread and fear, things of mystery and of dire importance to national security.  If you can survive the strip search (by Navy Seals), the national security background check, the blood test, and the DNA background check you'll be allowed to enter the inter-sanctum.  After you push aside the door that's disguised to look like a pile of old motorcycle tires you enter the elevator that will take you 100 feet straight down.  You put on the scuba tanks and dive through a water-filled tunnel only to find another Seal team waiting... Are you sure you don't want to just put a HF Predator on your board tracker and be done with it?
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by stroker crazy on Today at 18:32:27 »
SELLING / Re: Honda CL450k5 Exhaust
« Last post by NA3S on Today at 16:56:54 »
Yes, they're still available.

I don't know how well they'd fit a 360.
SELLING / Re: 1981 Yamaha Virago xv920r - Complete build cafe racer
« Last post by 920Cafe on Today at 16:45:36 »
even more
SELLING / Re: 1981 Yamaha Virago xv920r - Complete build cafe racer
« Last post by 920Cafe on Today at 16:44:34 »
More pics
SELLING / 1981 Yamaha Virago xv920r - Complete build cafe racer
« Last post by 920Cafe on Today at 16:43:28 »
The time has come to list my Virago build for sale. It's originally a 1981 Virago xv920. This is the highly sought after chain drive model. It took my 2 years to find this bike before starting the build. No expenses spared here. I'll list some details below, please contact me for further info if seriously interested. I'm listing here before going to eBay.

I built the bike as something I'd want to ride. It's not 100% restored so it still has some original patina to it. Parts used are all top of the line.

Fully rewired with Motogadget M-unit and switches
Acewell gauge
Cone engineering muffler
MAC exhaust header
Mikuni VM34 carbs
Dimecity rearsets
Haggeman subframe
Woodcraft clip-ons
Antigravity lithium battery
CRG mirror
Tuffside seat
Ram Shox rear suspension
R1 front end

Bike is registered and insured in CT. I have put a few hundred miles on it since completing it about 2 years ago. This is not a project - it's ready to be ridden. I do have Honda nighthawk rear wheels components to go to a wider wheel that I could include for the right price.

Starting price ~$8k. Not in a rush to sell but I am open to offers. It's tough to price something that's one of a kind.

Ok so I started glassing it up, to be honnest I was kinda discouraged before starting knowing that it would not look great... but whatever, I though it would be a great thing to do to learn, learn how the fiberglass clotch react to resin and how to place it around edges (I've never done glass work before), what is the best shapes to cut the fiberglass cloth pieces etc.

So I did the first layer only today, I used the 160gr fiberglass cloth I had an 400gr of resin. I will be doing 2 more layers tommorrow or the next days. I had a breathing mask but couldn't stay any longer in that parking lot full of resin vapor I was starting to feel dizzy, it took me so long to glass only the first layer...

It's hard to tell if it looks good or not right now as the fiberglass is perfectly transparent, some areas look really smooth and clean, others not really.

Just looking at it - assume you are going to need to remove the handle bars to remove the fairing from the bike?

Yes that is the idea
Cafe Racers / Re: KZ440 thoughts
« Last post by phomeniuk on Today at 14:41:57 »
Hey there. Glad to see another KZ on the forum. Take a look at my build thread and you'll see what I've done with my frame to accommodate a cafe style seat without cutting out main bits of frame. It's on a kz250 but the frame would be the same design as your bike.

Admittedly it's not the ideal way to go about it, but it only involves adding in extra tubing to support the seat.
Cafe Racers / KZ440 thoughts
« Last post by Hyde_me on Today at 14:25:23 »
As per my intro post I am looking to make a 81 KZ440-A LTD into a slightly cooler 81 KZ440-A LTD. I am thinking a cafe racer set of mods for this little fella. I have a list of things I want to start with. So far it seems the seat will be the hardest thing to do as it seems all the options out there would require me to chop the frame to fit a different seat. Unless anyone has had experience with this model and can make a suggestion.

  • Clubman Bars
  • Cafe racer Seat
  • Reduce and Relocate Signals
  • Replace Headlight
  • Bar End Mirrors
  • Repaint Frame
  • Remove Tail Light
  • Add Fender Eliminator

Any thoughts of Who, What, Why and where I can do this?
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