Author Topic: Dr Cat Rides Again! 83 gpz550 resurrection project  (Read 1042 times)

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Re: Dr Cat Rides Again! 83 gpz550 resurrection project
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so I'm still having trouble, and hear me out.

I can't understand the FUNCTION of the wires as I'm trying to re-wire the bike for the M-Unit. I'm trying to plumb the Regulator/Rectifier (Easy enough, the brown wire goes to an auxiliary/switched power wire) and then the ignition box.

The ignition box seems to be the problem. Two sets of wires. Blue/black, Red/Yellow: okay these go to the coil pickups

now theres yellow/black, blue, dark green, Red/Yellow: these go to the ignition coils?
blue gets tapped to the tachometer?

yellow black goes to ground? I don't actually know. I'm just guessing from these two diagrams...

CB750 diagram I'm trying to emulate:

and what I have come up with so far: