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Greetings to everyone,  I am the new owner of an 1982 CB900C (POS).  I took the bike " in trade" for some junk aircraft parts ( I'm a Aviation mechanic).  It doesn't run (yet) & is missing several parts.  I've been collecting the missing parts ( headlight, gauge cluster, side covers, rear brake pedal ) & will began the rebuilding process next month. I built a small work station to overhaul the Carbs, since they're corroded.  Once it runs, I'll continue with other systems/ components.  Please forward your comments & suggestions for rebuild.  I realize it's not the best project, but it's mine & I'm looking forward to this project.

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Re: FNG-intro
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Hey man our own projects are always the best ones, right?  Your carb stand is a thing of beauty, and my garage wants to look like yours when it grows up!

Welcome to DTT mate and high fives from Montreal =)
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Re: FNG-intro
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Welcome to the madness

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