Author Topic: Hi from the UK, My XS750 build.  (Read 464 times)

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Hi from the UK, My XS750 build.
« on: Sep 05, 2017, 05:20:10 »
Hi, I've been thinking of joining for a while so here goes..

This is my current cafe racer, I'd like to say its finished but I have a few areas to improve but its a good start for now. I bought this bike 2.5 years ago, too many beers one night and thought buying a bike for £500 off ebay that's sat for 25 yrs in a garden would be a good idea. Well I was wrong... she cost me a lot of time, money, frustration, 3 girlfriends but she got me through some difficult times so was a proud moment to finally ride her to a bike meeting.

She isnt the ideal cafe racer base, but its turned out better than I though and rides well, its not fast by all accounts but that's what modern sports bikes are for.. the front end is from an FZR600, R6 calipers and Triumph Daytona Carbs sound lovely.

My next project is my CB400f... this is a rebuild of a well used bike.. which I'll be making some subtle changes to, frame and wheels back this weekend so I'll create a thread.

Thanks all and hope to get some ideas on here...

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Re: Hi from the UK, My XS750 build.
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Re: Hi from the UK, My XS750 build.
« Reply #2 on: Sep 05, 2017, 07:47:17 »
Great job.
For a bike that was not meant to be reliable and did not sell anywhere near the number of CB750's, there seem to be a few being used to make classy cafe's now! The only bike that sound better is the CBX1000!!!
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