Author Topic: 79' DOHC CB750 Canadian Build  (Read 1997 times)

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Re: 79' DOHC CB750 Canadian Build
« Reply #20 on: Dec 07, 2017, 12:31:11 »

Good luck and yes my mrs said if you are making Another bike... can I at least fit on the back please!!

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Re: 79' DOHC CB750 Canadian Build
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Sorry for the long delay between posts but with Christmas, work and life I didnít get much time in on the bike.  But I did get some stuff accomplished this week and with my headlight, shocks and gauges arriving today this weekend will prove to be even more productive.

So I built a basic seat pan out of 14 gauge 3000 series aluminum, I got some clip ons and motone micro buttons to work with the M-unit. Made decisions and tabs for mounting remaining electrical components like the RR, spark units and ignition relay.  Afterwards I worked on some potential ideas for a removable rear hugger. (I love the open rear wheel look but maybe itís not wise to throw water in toward the carbs in the event of a storm)

So now this weekend Iíll install gauges and controls, weld on/drill remaining mounts and then do some general wiring to test that everything functions and determine routing for tabs etc. Afterwards Iíll strip it all down and finish weld and grind everything perfect and send to powder at the end of next week before I head to Florida for a few days.