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CB350 Sidecovers - SOLD on eBay!
« on: Nov 27, 2017, 20:51:00 »
SOLD This is a pretty decent set of CB350 sidecovers.  Based on the design, badge size, and color I believe they are from a 1970 (K2?).  They are in pretty decent shape for their age; no chips or cracks and the mounting tabs are intact.  The right side cover has some scratches and is faded on the top edge, looks like maybe the bike was out in the sun and sitting on the side stand a bunch.  The left side cover is in better shape and not nearly as faded.  They could be used as-is if you are trying to stay original but i believe they are a beautiful candidate to prep and paint.  $40 + the ride from North-Central Ohio.  (I'll leave 'em on here for a week or two and then go the eBay route if there's no interest.)

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Re: CB350 Sidecovers - Red (1970?)
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Surprised these haven't gone, seems like a more than fair price for sure. Good luck with sale.
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