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  • haircuttergirl: Hope everyone is having a good day 8)
    Jul 26, 2017, 12:19:54
  • advCo: hey all
    Jul 26, 2017, 12:50:03
  • haircuttergirl: Hey Nick
    Jul 26, 2017, 12:57:05
  • Maritime: Hey Nick and Jenn how goes it today? I am swamped with work cause no one does my job when I am out on vacation LOL
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:02:36
  • haircuttergirl: Haha hey Mike. I'm working a short shift this evening so just made eggs and pancakes for Mal & me
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:04:52
  • Maritime: Nice, I am also still recovering from the vacation jetleg and lack of sleep etc.
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:05:43
  • haircuttergirl: Where did y'all go?
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:06:14
  • Maritime: Colorado for 3 days of riding, had a BMW R1200GS like Tim Burke's for the riding, both Jill and I loved it, except the ride by wire throttle that was not very good
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:07:20
  • Maritime: Rode with the same folks I did the Cabot trail with last year. Those mountain roads are epic. Started each day at 9,600 feet and went up
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:08:48
  • Maritime: although altitude is a bit ruff when you are used to living at about 300 feet above sea level
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:09:26
  • advCo: Man I am jealous. Colorado is awesome
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:09:49
  • Maritime: Yep it was, getting there and back blew chunks though, Weather and United = shitty
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:15:52
  • The Jimbonaut: Great to hear you're back in the saddle mate, hope the foot is all well and healed
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:18:21
  • haircuttergirl: Sounds like a great trip
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:21:07
  • The Jimbonaut: Last long bike trip I did was for a few days in Nicaragua.  That was absurdly good fun
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:22:41
  • The Jimbonaut: Best roads I've ever rubbered
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:23:05
  • The Jimbonaut: Would love to ride around Colorado, must be stunning
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:25:07
  • Maritime: It's amazing, the BMW was sooo comfy 2-up with the wife and the scenery is epic, the roads are epic and very well paved vs here in canuckistan
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:28:13
  • Maritime: after this trip a ride to and from Barber is probably doable as well. So as long as I have the time and can scrounge the gas $$ I think my leg and foot should be ok for the distance
    Jul 26, 2017, 13:29:15
  • advCo: Nice Mike. I would like to ride out there one year when I have a different selection of bikes
    Jul 26, 2017, 14:07:23
  • Maritime: I'd like to have the time to ride my own bike out and back and spend 2 weeks exploring and staying in different parts of the mountains. The 4 lane 65 MPH highways through the moutains was intersting LOL they drive like maniacs, I thought I was going to get killed a few times. Once you get off those to the secondary and side roads it is really nice
    Jul 26, 2017, 14:50:25
  • JustinLonghorn: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night.
    Jul 26, 2017, 15:33:33
  • canyoncarver:
    Jul 26, 2017, 16:43:01
  • Maritime: THe Birthday boy makes a quick appearnce LOL
    Jul 26, 2017, 16:56:57
  • advCo: Well I got the CT running with stock carb. Still runs like shit at WOT though
    Jul 26, 2017, 17:10:29
  • SONIC.: Yellow
    Today at 10:26:31
  • JustinLonghorn: Hello
    Today at 10:28:11
  • JustinLonghorn: Jello
    Today at 10:28:18
  • SONIC.: what's crackin' J
    Today at 10:29:18
  • JustinLonghorn: Working. You? How was the journey?
    Today at 10:37:51
  • SONIC.: Good man, loooooong way home though
    Today at 10:39:11
  • SONIC.: wasn't so bad getting there, but 3 straight 12hr days on the way home was rough!
    Today at 10:39:29
  • JustinLonghorn: GM perform admirably?
    Today at 10:42:44
  • SONIC.: Yeah, other than breaking alternator belts
    Today at 10:49:35
  • SONIC.: had to rerout fuel, lines on the first day to avoid vapor lock, but other than those 2 things it was great
    Today at 10:49:57
  • SONIC.: can't figure out the alternator belts. They will work fine for a full day and then all the sudden start squeeling and then 30 seconds later bam broken belt
    Today at 10:50:54
  • Kamn: Morning
    Today at 11:06:42
  • Kamn: Sonic, pulley alignment??
    Today at 11:07:39
  • Kamn: is there an idler pulley for the alternator belt
    Today at 11:09:52
  • SONIC.: Kamn, No idler and the alignment seems fine, I havent put a good straight edge on it though
    Today at 11:15:45
  • Cookie: What about potential alternator bearing seizure? It could still be/sound ok when cold, but then bind up as it gets hot. That would burn up your belt in a quick fashion.
    Today at 11:19:44
  • Kamn: ^^ That too
    Today at 11:24:54
  • SONIC.: That's my most likely thought, but it would have to be so random. I feel like a failing bearing would be at least somewhat repeatable. I've gone 12 hours on the interstate with no issue, only to have it break at random an hour later.
    Today at 11:25:47
  • SONIC.: Or it will break first thing in the morning after startup
    Today at 11:25:57
  • SONIC.: it's broken under heavy load (low batteries early morning) and under no load (fully charged on the interstate with the generator charging the batteries)
    Today at 11:27:17
  • Kamn: stethoscope or long screw driver with hard plastic handle and listen to alternator bearings while running
    Today at 11:28:44
  • SONIC.: I'll give it a go
    Today at 11:31:46
  • SONIC.: I think I've got a spare as well
    Today at 11:31:55
  • SONIC.: On the plus side, I can now change any of the belts in under 5 minutes. Feels like Nascar
    Today at 11:32:18
  • Kamn: could also be that someone at one time installed incorrect size pulley (cross section of v can be different) and its putting improper tension on belt
    Today at 11:34:21

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