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  • advCo: Yeah, I'm excited to get back on that project. Got a lot of welding to do
    Today at 10:59:07
  • JustinLonghorn: I like the World Cup.
    Today at 13:22:22
  • irk miller: If i want to spend an hour and a half watching dudes struggle at scoring, I take you fellas to a bar.  Ba-dum-tissssss.
    Today at 13:27:58
  • JustinLonghorn: Ha. I thought you liked/played soccer.
    Today at 13:41:57
  • irk miller: I love it.  Just think the cheesy joke is funny too, and when opportunity presents itself...
    Today at 13:44:35
  • JustinLonghorn: I'm with ya, sir.
    Today at 13:45:59
  • JustinLonghorn: Good games today.
    Today at 13:47:08
  • JustinLonghorn: the ref of the Poland Senegal match is having a very hard time.
    Today at 13:48:15
  • Maritime: Now that the counters are in, I get to install this, only had it for 3 years
    Today at 14:16:22
  • Maritime:
    Today at 14:16:31
  • Maritime: tumbled travertine for a backsplash
    Today at 14:16:49
  • Maritime: Going on the wall above the new counter:
    Today at 14:22:22
  • Maritime: Shitty thing is the new sink drains do not line up with the existing plumbing so I will be re-doing it all under the sink tonight
    Today at 14:23:11
  • JustinLonghorn: Sounds like a not so fun project.
    Today at 14:48:26
  • JustinLonghorn: My closing just got delayed again. Huzzah!
    Today at 14:48:47
  • Maritime: Yep, it sucks working under the sink. I at least will be able to cut the old drain out and take to the store to buy all the parts.
    Today at 15:01:05
  • JustinLonghorn: Damn, a dude on ADVrider is selling a Wee-Strom for $1300.
    Today at 15:08:16
  • JustinLonghorn: High miles and cosmetically challenged, but damn that's cheap.
    Today at 15:08:36
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 15:09:09
  • Maritime: I'd buy it for that then add the spoke wheels and offroad bits
    Today at 15:18:06
  • advCo: Good deal
    Today at 15:31:01
  • JustinLonghorn: Good beater/commuter bike.
    Today at 15:33:27
  • JustinLonghorn: There is also a 1992 BMW GSPD for $5,000 on there right now.
    Today at 15:33:46
  • advCo: I need to get back on there and find the swap meet section. I need some panniers for the F
    Today at 15:36:20
  • irk miller: How far off are the drains, Mike?  You can get rubber unions to connect the drain lines inline.
    Today at 15:44:08
  • irk miller:
    Today at 15:46:26
  • irk miller: *couplings
    Today at 15:46:39
  • Maritime: I thought of that but they are off by 2-3" and there is only like 2" from the sink pipe to the inlet on the existing drains
    Today at 15:46:40
  • irk miller: bummer
    Today at 15:46:57
  • irk miller:
    Today at 15:48:02
  • irk miller: You can get offset drain connectors, too.
    Today at 15:50:24
  • Maritime: Oooh that might work if I can get those local
    Today at 15:52:55
  • Maritime: I'm dealing with this:
    Today at 15:54:19
  • advCo: Can you just get a 2" S bend to offset your P trap from the tie in to the sewer connection?
    Today at 16:09:09
  • advCo: or make one up with 2 45's
    Today at 16:09:33
  • Maritime: Oh I can just cut it at the straight part then go buy the 45's and couplers etc and connect it all back up but if I can find those offset drain connectors I won't have to, they'll fix the issue the easiest and fastest
    Today at 16:16:51
  • Maritime: I'll see what the hardware store has on the way home and if by chance they have them I'm golden if not I'll cut and start over with new parts.
    Today at 16:19:43
  • Maritime: My drawing isn't showing the trap. there is one then the t off to each of the sink drains, one has the dishwasher outlet in it.
    Today at 16:21:07
  • advCo: I've never seen those offset connectors but they are nifty
    Today at 16:27:19
  • advCo: I have to finish the corner/sink cabinet today and then build the peninsula, hoping to paint the boxes all this weekend
    Today at 16:27:53
  • advCo: Got the 360 tail resprayed where I dropped the bike and cracked it last night. Gotta wet sand and put a couple more coats of clear over the whole thing
    Today at 16:28:33
  • Maritime: Ouch, that sucks when shit like that happens, good thing it was today not Friday
    Today at 16:35:13
  • advCo: well I cracked it 3 weeks ago or so lol. Been putting off the respray
    Today at 16:37:04
  • advCo: Buyer wants to pick it up next weekend. I gotta remove the liner from the tank, hook up the brakes, sync the carbs and reupholster the seat
    Today at 16:39:33
  • Maritime: I thought it was this weekend so you have 2 weeks to finish it LOL
    Today at 16:40:11
  • advCo: Well he wanted to pick it up like 3 weeks ago but I have been neglecting it because I'm in cabinet building mode lol
    Today at 16:44:42
  • Maritime: Ha, I hear you. I am trying to get shit knocked out for the house so I can get back to fixing the Virago and get it out
    Today at 16:46:04
  • advCo: Yep, gotta get the 360 gone and kitchen done so I can finish/ride the BMW then get back on the Ghia LOL
    Today at 16:53:25
  • irk miller:
    Today at 17:29:22
  • advCo: Basically me.
    Today at 17:42:27

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