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  • advCo: Weird, every time I click the "Home" button at the top left corner here it brings me to a page with the DTT logo 16x16 px and nothing else
    Nov 13, 2018, 13:39:26
  • canyoncarver: Yeah, but they are really starting to affect my lap times.....
    Nov 13, 2018, 13:54:24
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Nov 13, 2018, 14:11:13
  • JustinLonghorn: Y'all ever tried those?
    Nov 13, 2018, 14:12:10
  • advCo: I have not. But they look nifty
    Nov 13, 2018, 15:05:14
  • Maritime: just snow blowed shit in my airboot. foot is a little cold. Magoo did most but he's still a little short to run the blower easily
    Nov 13, 2018, 15:43:22
  • Hurco550: jussy, those are handy, but your ALWAYS fighting grinder dust with any magnetic thing in a welding shop, thats my only qualm them them
    Nov 13, 2018, 17:03:11
  • advCo: Yeah, I have some of those triangular magnetic deals but they're so covered in metal dust they barely work
    Nov 13, 2018, 17:29:22
  • canyoncarver: :) [link]
    Nov 13, 2018, 20:13:37
  • Nj732port: got my first wheel in complete zx650 rear...its wide...
    Today at 08:38:07
  • Nj732port: just won a low ball front with only bearings for 70 so far im in to my wheel swap 140$
    Today at 08:39:02
  • Nj732port: oh geeze i won two low ball front rims....70 and 85 haha
    Today at 08:40:06
  • Nj732port: the descriptions both say gouges (nothing serious) from what looks like tire irons but only one says straight....
    Today at 08:42:51
  • Nj732port: both are from the same place in new hamnpshire but its a warehouse type of thing so they wont be able to look at the parts and give me a "take the red and black one its in better shape than the silver" type of response
    Today at 08:58:36
  • advCo: for the SR?
    Today at 09:33:35
  • JustinLonghorn: Muchachos...
    Today at 10:15:27
  • Hurco550: whats up haas
    Today at 10:18:08
  • advCo: yo.
    Today at 10:25:53
  • Maritime: Shit, this is like 600 US [link]
    Today at 11:43:33
  • Maritime: So is this: [link]
    Today at 11:43:53
  • advCo: Both looking pretty nice. Now's the time to get deals that the snow has started
    Today at 11:48:03
  • Maritime: Yep and I got no $$ so why I look is beyond me. I like that XT, Cheap becuase he never re-plated here in NB
    Today at 11:49:07
  • Maritime: Perfect little run about and learner bike
    Today at 11:49:38
  • advCo: Yep definitely. I don't know why I look either, guess thats why I have a roached out z50
    Today at 12:14:57
  • advCo: Should really be focusing on the bus but ...distractions
    Today at 12:15:21
  • Hurco550: haha, ive been pretty proud of myself for not looking much lately
    Today at 12:16:36
  • canyoncarver: Me either.  Winter brings the CL deals.
    Today at 12:18:51
  • Hurco550: i say every winter that i need to snatch up deals for mid ohio flips, but the bad part is my buddy here local does that full time as a mc wrecker/ ebay seller. More than once ive missed out on a deal only to walk into his shop and see it sitting there waiting to be parted out
    Today at 12:21:20
  • canyoncarver: Ha.  You need to team up.
    Today at 12:24:01
  • JustinLonghorn: That has happened to me a handful of times as well, Levi. My buddy owns a shop just south of DC. Multiple times now I have rolled into his shop to see bikes that I tried to purchase.
    Today at 12:33:04
  • advCo: My z50 is still on CL
    Today at 12:40:59
  • advCo: [link]
    Today at 12:48:01
  • advCo: $12k for a shitty walking dead replica DOHC 750
    Today at 12:48:34
  • JustinLonghorn: Maybe be worth 2-3K, tops.
    Today at 13:38:58
  • JustinLonghorn: I don't think the actual creator of the real walking dead  bike made 12K
    Today at 13:39:20
  • Maritime: Yep, I don't think they cost him more tha 10K to make both
    Today at 13:44:35
  • Maritime: I think I read 5K a piece
    Today at 13:44:55
  • Hurco550: classified moto iirc. kinda a neat shop. hipster AF, but still cool
    Today at 13:45:52
  • advCo: I'll be honest, DOHC 750s do nothing for me
    Today at 13:54:26
  • advCo: Especially with knobbies  USD forks and a bunch of heat wrap
    Today at 13:54:50
  • Hurco550: some rich walking dead fan will still probably buy it. I swear rich people buy stuff just because its expensive
    Today at 14:31:08
  • Maritime: Yes they do, and it's stupid
    Today at 14:33:02
  • Maritime: Dammit. I was going to nominate anopthe BOTM bike but can't remember the ones I wanted to LOL
    Today at 14:34:02
  • JustinLonghorn: The Classified Moto shop is pretty righteous in person. Dude is super nice too.
    Today at 14:37:47
  • Hurco550: i think i first saw them on the cafe racer tv show, but at that point he was still just working out of the shed behind his house
    Today at 14:43:19
  • advCo: I need to install the new sprocket cover and bleed the oil lines on the Van Van. Slacker
    Today at 15:04:08
  • advCo: Too much projects
    Today at 15:09:36
  • Hurco550: heard that. ive been bit by the bobber bug again too.. so i guess ill just tack on ANOTHER project haha. whats one more right
    Today at 15:22:02
  • JustinLonghorn: We could do some horse trading, Levi.
    Today at 15:28:12
  • advCo: Yeah, I want to get into a hardtail. Gotta get some VWs running first
    Today at 16:12:00

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