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DTT United Kingdom / Re: Bantam frame / V5 wanted - cheap
« Last post by beachcomber on Today at 07:56:29 »
Just in case anyone was concerned about the structural integrity of the green garden hose [ !! ]  :o - it's now been replaced ! ;)
Love that little Honda...was going to nominate it myself! Anyhoo, lets make this a little more interesting...

I'd like to nominate a third project:

GT750 Suzuki  by MickyC

Specials / Re: Project CB690 (KTM 690 engine in a CB550f frame)
« Last post by hooligan998 on Today at 07:33:44 »
Very interesting project.  I'm in.
Cafe Racers / Re: CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"
« Last post by cb250nproject on Today at 07:03:52 »
mate the bike looks really good, I'm running a similar seat also. beauty is in the eye of the beholder mate,if you have a clear idea of what you want she will come out fine.

I'm hanging to see this build progress
Bobbers / Chops / Specials / Re: Rachels 78 CB400A...generic re-fresh
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 05:52:08 »
Wow.  That looks amazing.  Can I drop off my bike parts for you to do that sort of transformation to?

Thanks bro!   :)

Rachel sure seems to like it.  The girls ready to ride.   8)

They do look a little nicer in the pics than up close and personal.  Even still I couldn't be more delighted.   :D

I have to admit things are coming out pretty nice, for a Elevator mechanic "hack job" in cornfield county Illinois.   ;)
Specials / Re: Project CB690 (KTM 690 engine in a CB550f frame)
« Last post by XS750AU on Today at 04:57:12 »
Hi, if you don't mind sharing. What do you consider as reasonable?

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Cafe Racers / Re: CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"
« Last post by paddyshepherd on Today at 04:42:09 »
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that article was a bunch of BS with nonsensical ideas such as "bone lines' which mean absolutely nothing on a bike.

Go with what looks right or balanced to you and if that's big butt or tiny arse, that's all fine.  It's what looks right to you and obviously has to be ergonomically sound and safe.  Some of us lie sixties Tritons with slightly larger seats.  Some prefer MotoGP or Ducati WSB rear ends. The seat hump just has to look like the correct proportions to you.

Many people use a second tank from the same model bike to get a matching back end, but not all tank shapes lend themselves to that approach. I use a combo of CAD (cardboard aided design) and analog photoshop - a print and pencil/crayons and a pack of plain white labels and a large eraser a.k.a. the "delete" function.

Oh don't get me wrong I'm not following it word for word, (hence loosely!  ;D) but I've noticed that a lot of the bikes I have used as inspiration do follow those theories to some extent. I think the reason I like a smaller back end is because I also like the Brat bikes with no hump at all.

Having said all that, I've had a complete rethink on the back end yesterday and had a bit of an idea. It sounds a bit bonkers at first but I plan on using a natural wood skateboard deck, (varnished and polished and trimmed to match the frame width), to form the seat base, hump mount, and back of the bike. I've seen it done on a couple of bikes and for my build it makes sense (being a longboarder and snowboarder, it adds a bit of personal quirk to it too). It's easier to explain with a sketch. It's easy to work with, cheap to fuck up, easy to mount stuff to and fairly lightweight too.

You're welcome to call it out as a stupid idea, but I reckon with the right varnish and finishing touches, it could look pretty cool.

Tanks & Seats / Re: Cj360 gastank “mistake “
« Last post by datadavid on Today at 04:08:31 »
Mainly because you do not want thick blobs of failed weld on thin sheet steel, it will crack sooner than later.
Tanks & Seats / Re: Cj360 gastank “mistake “
« Last post by datadavid on Today at 04:06:26 »
Sounds like you didnt get a welder to weld it for you but someone who thinks he can weld.. thats about 50% of all welders
A real welder pressure tests before he hands it back to you.
Sounds like it is more trouble than its worth repairing your tank now, all the previous mistakes will have to be cut out and replaced.
Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by cb250nproject on Today at 03:04:08 »
So I’ve been tackling the rear seat, she’s had a rough finish for quiet some time and needs to get prepped to spray

After sanding it with some 1200 grit I gave it a coat of filler just so it was more uniform to the eye and easier to spot the imperfections (there were a few

Then went back to sanding then got some bog to fill in some small air bubble holes that had become apparent after spraying it

Then I rubbed it back with some 800 then 1200 grit again before respraying the filler

It’s nearly ready I just need to cut the ends of the fairing near the tank so it all ties in

Then hopefully my brother will have finished the decals so we can get this bad boy sprayed

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