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Hi all!

Jake here from Jadus.  Really stoked to be a part of this community and thanks to the founders, admins, moderators and all the helpful and friendly members.

If you have seen my SR250 build thread then you will get the gist of what Jadus is about, if not...

The SR250 was the first bike I owned, rode and modified back in 2010.  I have owned and ridden several bikes since, but really loved the SR and thought it deserved some attention in the aftermarket world - it really lacked any dedicated, specific parts for it.  So I thought I would make use of my product design/engineering/development background (and somewhat limited workshop skills!) to design and produce some parts!  I hope to offer parts for the garage builder (like myself) to make some aspects of the build process easier and more accessible.  I have gone down two paths, one branch is based on improving the styling options for the bike, while the other branch is focused on improving performance and cooling.  The Jadus range is somewhat limited for now, but I have big plans of coarse  ;D


Awesome. I've had an SR 250 for 3 seasons now, spending my spare time fixing oil leaks, various age related problems, stuff I broke and making it ride straight, stop straight and make it more or less, more reliable.

Randomly found the Jadus site looking for ideas for how to increase intake and exhaust flow assuming there were no "off the shelf" parts. I was thinking to use stock header and cut it up and put a high flow, slip on muffler on. Got excited finding a company that not only built a header, but did it right with data, to show improvements. 

I'll be in touch to order some stuff from the site over the winter (aka project months here in Canada).

I'm pumped to follow along on your 100mph, 100Kg, 30hp journey and maybe borrow some ideas.

Awesome man!  Cool to have another SR enthusiast :)

Yeah, we're really excited to get on with the 100mph build as well!  Stay tuned...


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