Author Topic: 1980 CB900F Build  (Read 814 times)

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Re: 1980 CB900F Build
« Reply #40 on: Jan 19, 2018, 07:01:11 »
the wire bundle also carries the oil pressure switch wire and the neutral switch




3 stator

2 rotor trigger wires if i recall correctly
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Re: 1980 CB900F Build
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ohhhhh, that makes sense now. I'm still not gonna try it. My Brother lives a couple hours away in a bigger city and the motorcycle shop there had a rr in stock for $80. I'm going to his place next weekend because us Aussies celebrate "invasion day" next Friday. So when I get back if thats plugged in and things still aren't working I will look in to more drastic measures.
It was 40 degrees hear again today and its going to be hotter over the weekend. So I will be avoiding the garage for a bit.
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