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Just picked up some aluminium for NZ$3 at a scrap metal place while I was passing. So while I have the bike stripped down for the 150 upgrade I will make up a mudguard and tray for under the seat to protect the electrics. At the moment I am running with this removed.

I know I could make up a cardboard template but I am sure I saw a picture on here the other day with the dimensions for the part of it that will protect the battery and air filter area. Can someone point me to that please?

And if there is a template already for a tray to go under the seat a pointer to that would be cool too.

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Re: Template for Skyteam Ace mudguard and under seat tray
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These are the 2 cardboard mock-ups I have made for under the seat and under the tank to protect the electrics

Under seat tray - 385mm x 108mm - 30mm up-stand
Under tank tray - 195mm x 115mm - 20mm up-stand