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  • advCo: back from West Texas
    Today at 09:08:04
  • JustinLonghorn: Welcome back. How was it?
    Today at 09:32:48
  • advCo: Epic, I had no idea there were mountains like that in Texas
    Today at 09:37:22
  • JustinLonghorn: Guadalupe mountains?
    Today at 10:05:29
  • Hurco550: awesome dude
    Today at 10:09:23
  • advCo: Chisos
    Today at 10:20:17
  • advCo: the southern end of Big Bend is the Rio Grande
    Today at 10:20:44
  • JustinLonghorn: That's awesome.
    Today at 10:23:10
  • advCo: The highest peak is 7825', pretty solid mountains
    Today at 10:24:05
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 10:59:28
  • The Jimbonaut: The KL Armoured
    Today at 11:02:58
  • irk miller: That's bigger than any mountain east of the Mississippi.
    Today at 11:05:11
  • canyoncarver: 7825' isn't a mountain, that's just barely higher than my driveway
    Today at 11:55:17
  • canyoncarver: ;)
    Today at 11:55:29
  • irk miller: Haha
    Today at 11:58:45
  • The Jimbonaut: Weird
    Today at 12:04:15
  • The Jimbonaut: Couldn't post anything, now I can
    Today at 12:04:34
  • The Jimbonaut: Anyone else seeing Website Not Secure in the searchbar?
    Today at 12:05:44
  • canyoncarver: That's normal Jimbo.  All browsers have been updated to show any site not running SSL.
    Today at 12:09:14
  • canyoncarver: Big push across the web to go secure by default.
    Today at 12:09:29
  • canyoncarver: Well, Firefox and Chrome have.  If you use IE or "Edge" good fucking luck
    Today at 12:09:54
  • advCo: I use AOL dialup
    Today at 12:10:34
  • JustinLonghorn: A/S/L?
    Today at 12:11:15
  • advCo: hahaha
    Today at 12:12:26
  • advCo: not secure! I need an adult!
    Today at 12:12:34
  • canyoncarver: and technically, it's not SSL anymore, it's TLS 1.2
    Today at 12:13:28
  • advCo: Kelly, you follow Jeff Church on instagram?
    Today at 12:17:40
  • advCo: Jeff Wright*
    Today at 12:18:06
  • canyoncarver: Yes.  He actually follows me as well.
    Today at 12:23:29
  • canyoncarver: I have a few FTWCO shirts too.
    Today at 12:23:55
  • advCo: Yeah I'm watching his YZF build. Dude is legit
    Today at 12:24:43
  • canyoncarver: Yeah, his builds are pretty damn rad.
    Today at 12:25:26
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 12:25:52
  • JustinLonghorn: Dock was obsessed with this scoot for a while:
    Today at 12:27:28
  • advCo: Lol, that splitty camper is rad
    Today at 12:28:03
  • advCo: I have the Bay up on jack stands in the back yard for the brake job. It looks like a floating bread loaf.
    Today at 12:32:27
  • canyoncarver: I dig that chop too.
    Today at 12:43:04
  • Luugo86: That shovel is pretty damn cool man... rly dig a fresh take on an old chop
    Today at 12:52:55
  • JustinLonghorn: Another crazy camper:
    Today at 14:07:37
  • advCo: That one is bizarre
    Today at 14:09:43
  • JustinLonghorn: I love the lines.
    Today at 14:16:46
  • canyoncarver: wild grill
    Today at 14:21:10
  • JustinLonghorn: 1975 Dodge Daystar
    Today at 14:29:50
  • canyoncarver: everything looks like a loaf of bread or a bar of soap nowdays
    Today at 14:44:26
  • JustinLonghorn: ha. yep
    Today at 15:15:41
  • irk miller: I love bread.
    Today at 15:40:09
  • Hurco550: bread crumbs.
    Today at 16:01:11
  • advCo: YISSS
    Today at 16:26:34
  • advCo:
    Today at 16:27:09
  • advCo: Loaf
    Today at 16:43:15

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