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Cafe Racers / Re: 66 Ducati 250
« Last post by Erskine on Today at 17:30:24 »
Beautiful 😍
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / Re: 1981 cb750f oil from stator cover
« Last post by cxman on Today at 17:07:01 »
no oil should be present but not that bad

remove the rotor and there is a seal on the crank

change it its part number 10 here
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Engines / Re: Sound advice please!
« Last post by quadracer351 on Today at 16:29:20 »
What connects the pistons to crank?  ;)
The piston height should have been checked before the head was fitted, one of the guys doing a CB378cc conversion is having similar problem due to production variations. I've done a few 378 motors and didn't need to get 'special' gaskets but obviosly there are dimensional differences between various year motors.
You either machine piston tops or fit thicker base gasket to get a total clearance of 0.038"~0.040" piston to head clearance. CB750 motor weighs 210lbs and IS a PITA to get in and out of frame all the time (no way could I lift one out on my own like I used to at 21  :( )
This motor has been out 3 times this month. I measured all the cylinders at tdc across the head and I got the same measurement for all. I honestly think it's the way the domes are situated in 2 and 4 that is causing a little interference. I had the plastguage come today but won't be trying it till later this week. Hopefully that will give me a better idea of the clearances through out the piston head. As far as the gasket goes it seems the consensus is the base gasket will be the better of the two to go a little thicker on. Guess I'll be needing two in the end since the head one is also custom for the larger piston diameter.

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Lord have mercy....nobody said cars are people....the point is that insurance isn't supposed to cover every nickel and dime thing....sheesh

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If you want to admit that the comparison is a poor one I can probably just let it go. But if you want to be a pedant about it, insurance is there to insure whatever is spelled out in the terms of the policy. It has no inherent purpose or directive. It's a tool of and for people, and it can be argued that in the case of healthcare, insurance is a pretty piss poor tool for the job. Hence the discussion that is occurring.
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / 1981 cb750f oil from stator cover
« Last post by KK on Today at 16:12:39 »
Hi guys, recently picked up my first bike. It has some flaws, and the first thing i'd like to sort out is a small oil leak from the stator cover.

First of all, should there even be any oil in there?

If not, I assume there's an o-ring inside somewhere that needs to be changed, which again means I'd have to split the block. Correct?

If oil is supposed to be in there, I guess all I need to do is get a new gasket and make sure the new one is properly sealed.
Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 project
« Last post by advCo on Today at 16:08:34 »
I had the same issue on my 360. Turned out I had tapped the bearings in a hair too far when I was installing them, pinching the inner spacer too tightly between the inner races of the bearings. This caused them to hang up and in turn the wheel did not spin freely.

Once I remedied that issue with new bearings, I heard another similar squeal, which turned out to be the dust seals  rubbing on the axle without enough grease.
Electrical / Re: Dynatek coils 5 v 3
« Last post by quadracer351 on Today at 15:34:20 »
final question before I'm all done with the coils, the kit came with the dynatek spark plug wires but I was looking at getting accel wires because of the color yellow they come in. Just wanted to know if there solid core graphite rf1 suppressed 7mm wire would be okay with the coils, ignition, and ngk caps?

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SELLING / Re: For Sale 77 CB750 SOHC just rebuilt
« Last post by Mr.E on Today at 15:26:47 »
MBS? Wow I haven't seen you on here in a long time. That front master cyl you sold me years ago still works great on my 750. I think that was my first purchase on this site.  Good luck with the sale man!
Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 project
« Last post by thrillseeker on Today at 15:18:37 »
It might not be. I'll check. Thanks

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