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Greetings from Columbus!

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  Long-time lurker... Finally made an account and saying "hi"...  (((waves)))...

  I'm a Triumph rider gearing up for a new mod project - definitely a Japanese cafe' conversion.  I was thinking of going CB500 or even 360, but the more I see the whole "naked GoldWing" thing, the more intrigued I am...  (see:  I dunno... Anyone actually tried this in Ohio?  It's definitely NOT something I've seen other places.

  Looking forward to talking to you all - if anyone in C'bus is interested in a ride, give me a holler.


That GW is pretty cool, I could go for that. I've always wanted to cafe an early GW though, never thought of doing a later one.

Hey Matt,

Any chance you are the same Matt that has a Mini in the garage as well?

If so, then I'm glad you joined!


Im in Dublin. Im doing a cb360t cafe build. Im down to ride anytime.


Hi rockstar1.....I'm also in Dublin, just off the Tuttle exit.  I've got a cb500t that I'm turning into a first build, like to see how your progressing with your build. Drop me an email if you want.



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