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Author Topic: Spring update from RestoCycle  (Read 382 times)

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Spring update from RestoCycle
« on: Apr 16, 2017, 20:11:19 »
Hello gang,

Here's your spring update from RestoCycle.

We have been, as we like to say, "busier than a one-armed paperhanger" since the first of the year. The staff has grown as has our network of suppliers and collaborators, and we have done some fun projects along the way. Here's a roundup:

We built a sweet CB750F restomod for a customer, starting from this solid-but tired bike we purchased here in Tucson. This bike got the full-monty frame up process, paint and powdercoat, 1100F wheels, RaceTech fork, Ikon shocks, 1100F swingarm, total repaint, full engine rebuild including the addition of 900F pistons and cams, an oil cooler, and much more. We borrowed the graphics from a 900F as well and changed the tank over to a smooth-sided look too. 

At the other end of teh spectrum, a local customer asked us if we could put one of his late father's bikes back on the road, make a fun rider out of it. "Sure!" we said, "That looks like it's most of the way there already!"  Little did we know :-). Pound for pound this little rig gave us a good fight, requiring an engine rebuild, sourcing the unobtanium exhaust from all over the world, a total rewiring, and decrypting the mix and match of different components that were on it and making them work together. It's done, its fun, and we learned a ton, so it's all good. 

A great customer in California gave us two identical bikes to build, one he wanted to make a solid rider, and one that he wanted fully restored. Both 1981 Honda CB750C "Custom" bikes. I have to say, I fell in love with these bikes by the time we finished, Honda really did a nice job on the 'factory custom' package and although I wasn't a fan of them at the time, I am now. As usual we got a little carried away chasing perfection on both bikes but we got a great result and a very happy customer so all is well.

We flipped a neat little BMW R65 that we should have stayed away from... a lot of practice rebuilding Koni and Ikon 7610 shocks...

...sold and customized quite a few more pair of new Ikons...

...and of course we did a ton of restoration projects for customers, rebuilding forks, vapor blasting engines, and more.

Building a RaceTech'ed fork

Another vapor blasted Z1 engine:

A custom quad engine:

A hotrod Kohler V-twin tractor engine used in tractor-pulling competition:

Honda CL 350 engine:

A ton of BMW work:


...and more.

Having fun, working hard, all is well.

Hope your spring projects are winding down and your summer motorcycling plans are winding up.
Nils Menten * Tucson, Arizona, USA *
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