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  • advCo: Hahaha
    Today at 14:07:33
  • Maritime: Ha!
    Today at 14:10:24
  • Maritime: That RD350 is still available, hope buddy comes tonight with 1500 fat ones and I can go get the RD to make a cool race rep out of it
    Today at 14:11:04
  • Nj732port: [link]
    Today at 14:18:33
  • Maritime: I like this and its 25 min away but it just needs fluids, tires and carb clean [link]
    Today at 14:29:02
  • Nj732port: he said he had it running but it was kind of rough took it apart to clean the carbs again and tinker with it
    Today at 14:29:03
  • Maritime: Yeah but 2K is too much
    Today at 14:29:29
  • Nj732port: anyone ever deal with issues on these? i dont think a carb synch would make it run all that rough or "misfire" on a couple cylinders
    Today at 14:30:04
  • Maritime: sure it would, also float hieghts out of whack etc could do it too
    Today at 14:31:14
  • Maritime: timing likely off too if it sat
    Today at 14:31:30
  • Nj732port: from the work he said was done to it before stored i think it would be a good candidate to go check out'
    Today at 14:32:05
  • Nj732port: you picking up that gs?
    Today at 14:33:55
  • Nj732port:
    Today at 14:37:20
  • Nj732port: thats a nice whip all cleaned up
    Today at 14:37:52
  • Maritime: Yes it is. I;d get that GS if my CX does sell tonight and it's stell there
    Today at 14:43:16
  • Maritime: I have to go to Maine and get some shit my FIL bought to bring to him Sat morning. it's only 1 more min to where that GS lives and if I wave some cash at him I can grab it cheap I hope
    Today at 14:44:10
  • Nj732port: yeah that'd be cool bike better sell off the cx hows that damn leg/foot/ankle?
    Today at 14:45:24
  • Maritime: Well back to infected as of yesterday, need to go see surgeon to find out if they can removed some or all of the hardware. might screw my riding season depending on when. mean time eating antibiotics again\
    Today at 14:52:57
  • Maritime: But before that it was fine LOL
    Today at 14:53:13
  • Nj732port: damn man sorry to hear that
    Today at 14:54:07
  • Maritime: This: [link]
    Today at 14:54:07
  • Maritime: Thanks, I'll deal with whatever I have to
    Today at 14:54:22
  • Nj732port: haha thats gonna be all over the ebaches this summer
    Today at 14:54:54
  • Nj732port: beaches*
    Today at 14:55:10
  • Maritime: I'd ride one
    Today at 14:55:11
  • Maritime: not coming here yet though, Oz gets em first
    Today at 14:55:29
  • Nj732port: i seen a grom two up pulling on to the parkway a couple weeks back
    Today at 14:55:40
  • Maritime: Wow, that's brave
    Today at 14:56:03
  • Nj732port: he wasnt even keeping up with the highway speeds
    Today at 14:56:26
  • Maritime: 1 up with me it would be tough to hit 60 let alone 75-80 they do on the parkways
    Today at 14:56:46
  • Nj732port: yeah probably got a lot of fingers and laughs
    Today at 14:57:26
  • Maritime: I've ridden through Jersey and NY on some parkways, they go 80-90 all day long, the GL is the smallest bike I'd want to be on LOL
    Today at 14:57:51
  • Nj732port: yeah its atleast 80 or everyone is flying by passing you
    Today at 14:58:22
  • Maritime: gonna go get a coffee, need to be reved up for last 2 hours LOL
    Today at 14:58:26
  • Nj732port: haha
    Today at 14:58:50
  • Nj732port: its dead here
    Today at 15:01:19
  • Maritime: Got a call Can I come see the bike, I'll bring you a check and you can keep the bike till it clears, NOPE, what part of cash in hand or fuck off do people not get
    Today at 15:22:47
  • Maritime: When I buy a bike, I get the cash from the bank, if it turns out to be a turd the money goes back in
    Today at 15:23:31
  • Maritime: Yes, Nathaniel Rateliff and the night sweats are coming to the fall music festival here and I get tickets from one of my suppliers every year! Whoot
    Today at 15:47:26
  • Sav0r: Looking forward to beers and being away from work.
    Today at 16:06:03
  • Maritime: Me too, even though I got to pay through the nose for them, I need to get a few batches on for the summer
    Today at 16:07:03
  • Sav0r: I need to talk my father into firing up his still for the summer.
    Today at 16:08:41
  • Sav0r: Also, pens game tonight. That hsould be fun.
    Today at 16:08:50
  • Nj732port: got some shell cordovan allen edmonds loafers and they are slowly breaking in
    Today at 16:11:31
  • Nj732port: got them fah'sheep*
    Today at 16:12:34
  • advCo: I have no idea what that means
    Today at 19:21:20
  • advCo: Mike, definitely get that GS! I want one of those
    Today at 19:23:27
  • Maritime: Still waiting on dude. Two more folks lined up for monday if he doesnt show. Got to go to the inlaws this weekend. Or else I could  sell it sat I bet
    Today at 20:03:21
  • Maritime: Drinking pbr and working on props for Magoo while I wait
    Today at 20:07:57
  • Maritime:
    Today at 20:08:03

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