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  • Maritime: The run to advocate harbour is called the dragon of the maritimes, it's all turns and hills and some right on the edge of cliffs. Not Colorado but shoudl be fun
    Today at 14:02:55
  • advCo: I need to get the XL running and get out there, I have been itching to ride. Slowly getting some of these bikes back up and running lol
    Today at 14:07:10
  • Maritime: Ha I hate not having at least one running bike, If I need to work on one I make sure the other can be ridden.
    Today at 14:08:25
  • Kamn: Well, monday the GPZ is leaving me and going to a dude from Ottawa
    Today at 14:18:36
  • Maritime: Bummer Kamn, I liked that bike, making room for a new one?
    Today at 14:20:46
  • Kamn: Nothing for this year, I barely rode this year at all and it would have just been sitting around, we will see what next year brings
    Today at 14:23:36
  • Kamn: This winter Ill get the CX finished up and then I have parts to build another 2 bikes if needed
    Today at 14:24:03
  • Maritime: Cool, I have not ridden as much this year as I normally woudl either
    Today at 14:24:48
  • advCo: I've barely ridden since I moved last August. Probably Barber was the most riding I've done
    Today at 14:27:39
  • advCo: The XL has some weird gremlins goin on
    Today at 14:28:14
  • Maritime: If it wasn't for the rides to work and the Colorado trip it would be sad, That is why I hope my buddies will do the ride I posted in August, and I think if I have the gas $$ I will ride to Barber this year too
    Today at 14:29:58
  • advCo: I need to find some good backroads around here.
    Today at 14:31:59
  • Maritime: back roads are the best ones ;D
    Today at 14:47:26
  • SONIC.: That;s why I sold all my project bikes (except the SR) and bought the beemer. I was tired of working on stuff instead of riding. Don't get me wrong i love working on them, but it has to come second to riding (for me anyway, others are the other way around)
    Today at 14:48:41
  • advCo: All the main roads around here are 60 MPH+ and straight, so that sucks for vintage bikes.
    Today at 14:48:59
  • advCo: I'm in the same spot right now. Since I started my 360 almost 3 years ago I've been working on bikes in all of my free time. I'm ready to ride and not wrench for a bit.
    Today at 14:49:31
  • SONIC.: i stay off of anything over 2 lanes :D
    Today at 14:49:33
  • advCo: But once the bikes are done (hopefully by Barber) the Ghia will commence
    Today at 14:50:00
  • SONIC.: I'm jealous of that
    Today at 14:53:04
  • SONIC.: I need one to pull behind the MH!
    Today at 14:53:16
  • advCo: Dude, that motorhome is amazing. You should bring it to barber so I can check it out
    Today at 14:54:28
  • SONIC.: I plan on it. Gotta find somwhere to park the damn thing
    Today at 14:55:36
  • SONIC.: the RV spots at barber fill up in a few hours
    Today at 14:55:45
  • SONIC.: I was too late
    Today at 14:55:51
  • SONIC.: Not sure if it would make it down Kileys driveway haha I may high center on the hills!
    Today at 14:58:06
  • advCo: Ha! GMC see-saw
    Today at 15:03:21
  • irk miller: Fuck driving that thing down Kiley's driveway.  Ever watch the shit his UPS driver has to go through delivering to him?  That guy has to hate them.
    Today at 15:06:58
  • advCo: I almost dumped my 360 a few times last year.
    Today at 15:16:26
  • Maritime: LOL the only worse driveway is Troy's in WV makes Kiley's a walk in the park
    Today at 16:06:14
  • Maritime: It's the same as Kiley's but about 4x as long so lots more opportunity to dump
    Today at 16:06:42
  • advCo: If i bring the XL this year it should be no problem
    Today at 16:07:13
  • advCo: I need to figure out a way to get passenger pegs on that bike, too
    Today at 16:11:07
  • Maritime: Better not have a problem riding an XL up the driveway LOL
    Today at 16:22:45
  • Maritime: The mistake most folks make on gravel is to use the front brake, You really should only use the back
    Today at 16:24:00
  • advCo: At this rate I'll have to push it up the driveway
    Today at 16:30:03
  • Maritime: Hope not, but Barber comes up quick when you need to have a bike ready
    Today at 16:30:29
  • advCo: Yeah most of my time and effort is going into the Van Van right now
    Today at 16:30:46
  • advCo: the rings are really worn on it, so I may end up sending it out to bore
    Today at 16:31:17
  • advCo: Starting to come together though, about halfway through plating all the hardware
    Today at 16:32:11
  • Maritime: Might be a good idea to do that, the one the dude posted in the purchase thread looked good
    Today at 16:42:22
  • advCo: Yeah, unfortunately dratv doesn't service the van van
    Today at 16:43:14
  • Maritime: Too bad, sure someone can do it. It's finding that person who has the quality work at reasonable prices
    Today at 16:44:06
  • advCo: Yeah, there is a guy in Ohio that a few guys use that is cheap and does good work. I'd probably send it there
    Today at 16:45:10
  • advCo: I can get a 1.50 over piston/ring set from thailand for $45 shipped. Do i trust that though?
    Today at 16:45:27
  • advCo: [link]
    Today at 16:45:35
  • Maritime: Thai should eb good quality , the OEM's have been having bikes built there for 50 years
    Today at 16:46:48
  • advCo: Wossner 2.0 over is $125
    Today at 16:47:32
  • advCo: Or should I just go with next size up from stock so I dont have to jet
    Today at 16:48:03
  • advCo: I kinda figure if i'm going to bore  might as well try and get more out of the motor.
    Today at 16:49:47
  • Maritime: Yep, go for the whoel shebang, jettign sucks a bit but you'll get it.
    Today at 16:59:46

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