Author Topic: Mondays... Here is a awesome Headlight kit to make it better!  (Read 295 times)

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Kamikaze Moto 44mm to 47mm headlight kit 179.95

Fits 44mm to 47mm upper fork tube ( other sizes that one thing eBay hates you to do...)

7" h4 halogen headlight ( all metal baby!)

Flat black dual filament turn signals ( al u mania um)

44mm to 47mm metal headlight brackets

All parts can be purchased separately

Another awesome Speed Moto Company item! ( who are they?...why are they so nice?)

6.5" wide at the mounting points

5.5" deep

7" overall width


SMC approved lens

3 plug wire

 This is a super nice complete headlight kit

All parts can be sold separate...Lonely? Shoot us a email at