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Specials / Re: One for three, or Three for one?
« Last post by BicycleBobe on Today at 13:05:50 »
Decision time my wife dropped something big on me yesterday and now I have to choose which bike to focus on. My 30th is in a year and a few months change and she wants me to take a few weeks and ride up the coast to British Columbia.

  Ideally I would take project #1 but it has a handful of things left to work out and while it's always been super reliable I would trust project #2 more for such a trip at this time.

  Project #2 I can do the motor work later but it's still a huge budget project for me to finish and dial in by then. It will probably be the best bike for the trip if I can get it finished.

  Project #3 while it has been cross country and is a brand new motorcycle which comes with a certain piece of mind it doesn't even really seem like a contender for this trip.
Bobbers / Chops / Specials / First Project - 1980 SR250
« Last post by Bubba1982 on Today at 12:55:18 »
This is my first project, I have had a few bikes over the years but always wanted to have a proper project and with my very basic skills I wanted a simple but fun bike that would allow me to give stuff a go myself as much as possible.

Plans at the moment are to:

De lug and tidy up frame
Pod filter & re-jet
Strip the rest of the engine, inspect (might need help with this)
Replace any mechanic parts needed & clean
Full new gasket set, service etc.
Clean up the engine but leave unpainted
New chain & sprockets, brake shoes etc

Then I hope to:

Install a kickstart
Minimal wiring, clean/hide switches
Replace front end with XV535 forks, yokes, hub & disc brake
18" rims back & front, new tyres etc
Some kind of new seat

I have been checking out all the previous builds on here for inspiration and information on which have been great!!

Are there any mods or upgrades recommended on these bikes while I will have the engine apart?

My first job is to strip & clean the carb, I think it pretty much needs new everything inside parts wise so just keeping the body and will clean it up & order all the new bits. Think I might need a new diaphragm cover as mine is a bit rusty & corroded on the inside too.

Thanks in advance

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Specials / Re: saving a 1980 KZ750 twin
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 12:34:52 »
I feel like a trick exhaust needs a sweet badge.

It does need a sweet badge.  Looks awesome.
HELP! 1-800-CAFE-HELP / 1977 XS 750 High idle
« Last post by DonCamalot on Today at 12:15:25 »
My 77 experiences high acceleration when idling and when touching the throttle at times. Engaging the choke seems to help out the idle and random acceleration. I'm trying to get a synch tool from a mechanic. But he also suggested that the valves might need adjustment. Any advice what it might be?
Bobbers / Chops / Specials / Re: 78 CB400A for Rachel
« Last post by trek97 on Today at 11:35:26 »
A pretty decent morning.

Fresh Orings and floats in carbs so now they are 100%.

Cleaned connections, installed new flasher.

Fresh shoes

Started caliper.  Compressor made easy work of it.  Forgot to order the pads.  ARGH!   ;D 
Time for shower, brunch and a nap. 
Then I will get her cleaned up and back together.

Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: Bikers for Trump
« Last post by irk miller on Today at 11:24:30 »
Specials / Re: FJ1100 Crusty but Trusty
« Last post by interceptor on Today at 11:12:46 »
Today is a big day for me.  I received the spark plug boots I've been waiting for yesterday!!  I took some time to install the spark plugs a few days ago, installed the new spark plug boots (NGK), installed two new rear brake/running light bulbs (working now), and installed the 4 into header.  It turns over and has spark.  I'm going to attempt to start it today.  If all goes well, I'll be reporting good news later  :D
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by Mr.E on Today at 10:09:24 »
Nice! I have a MS660 of the same generation. Great saw. Are you planning on cutting slabs?

Nah not planning on slab cutting, it just happened to have the long bar on it. It's gonna get a 25" or so like the Ms440 magnum it's replacing. But it does make short work of palmetto bushes without having to get in close. I dare say it's easier to start than the little husqvarna 51 next to it too.
Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by sbaugz on Today at 09:42:07 »
Beautiful, what year? 750 right?

Nope, those are 700cc  (nighthawk s CB700SC), made between 1984-1986. I had one back in 1990- was my first bike.
Almost finished with my cafe build. The one thing I have not been able to find is the mufflers with a 1.25" inlet. The original ones are too far gone to use. They were 23" long as well if it helps. I am on the US but wouldn't mind ordering from overseas. Let me know if you have a source. Thanks

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