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Other Projects / Re: 1976 GMC Motorhome
« Last post by SONIC. on Today at 09:58:07 »
I was checking something on you tube and tripped over a video with a strange vehicle at the end of it. It was made in 1976 before Daytona - when it udsed to be a big race.     

Ha! That's awesome! They are hiding in plain sight.

Thanks guys I appreciate all the comments, it has been a long project but totally worth the effort.
Shop & Parts Manuals & Speciality Tools... / tube bender
« Last post by Rat_ranger on Today at 09:51:08 »
I posted this link in my build thread but thought more people might see it here.
I'm currently building the JD2 clone, but I'm modifying it with bushings like some of the other benders out there. 
Loungin at da club / Which Duc is this?
« Last post by dakine_surf on Today at 09:50:02 »
I see this outside a little bar here in Modena all the time and was thinking someone would know... I was thinking it was a 60's or 70's 250 but not entirely sure... still waiting for an old dude out here in Italy to open his barn full bikes and let me pick through them lol

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Bob and Chop / Re: 1973 ironhead 1000. "the dark side" dead tail
« Last post by VonYinzer on Today at 09:49:28 »
They are still plugging away. They got the paint done and wrapped the headers, and fabbed a new oil tank. Not looking to shabby.

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Engines / Re: Sound advice please!
« Last post by quadracer351 on Today at 09:33:12 »
.o45mm is .002" about as thin as a human hair and a 2.50mm bore is less than a 1/4" bore.  I think maybe the calipers were on inches.  :-)
1.20MM thick
65.90mm gasket bore
63.75 mm cylinder bore

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Cafe Racers / Re: XS750 '77 Danish Cafe Build
« Last post by XS750AU on Today at 09:19:42 »
Are you actually parking your bike in the house??
Must be true love!!!!!!!
Other Projects / Re: 1984 Honda vf1000f interceptor
« Last post by dakine_surf on Today at 09:17:06 »
It was an impressive amount of power imho for a mid 80's bike. Granted that if he wasn't a fresh rider, he would have been fine. That, and they are heavy and awkward at slow speeds. Slow speed, full lock turn and whiskey throttle = low side. Story world be the same on any 120hp bike in those conditions I'd think

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Gotcha... Yeah probably, I love those v4's... such a great motor... like I said I've never ridden the 1k but I have a 2000 vfr800 and I freakin love that bike, brakes aren't the best but it really is comfortable on the highway and is decent in the twistys, pulls like hell on the straights for basically a stock bike with exhaust and a power commander.

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Cafe Racers / Re: Project "walrus" Yam XS 750
« Last post by datadavid on Today at 09:14:54 »
Actually its nowhere close to redline on the vids, man, you should hear it at 9000....
Cafe Racers / Re: Project "walrus" Yam XS 750
« Last post by datadavid on Today at 09:07:33 »
Dave - has the same issue happened on more than one head? Can you put is down to any particular reason? From the videos it does look/sound like you are pushing the redline!
Now I could be wrong, but I think the compression ratio when bored out to 896cc would be up around 11.5:1. Does anyone know if that could affect the durability of the valves?
Haha, they came like that in the parts lot!
Last registration on my bike was 1984 sometime, and the leftover pistons were for over 1000cc bore. No oil cooler found anywhere, and probably no deep sump was used either, my guess is it overheated and blew up. At least twice!
I think my machinist calculated the compression to 10.5:1 actually, se talked about skimming the cylinders to raise comp, but i wanted to be able to run 95octane pump gas. My cooling is so good it almost takes too long to reach operating temp, thinking about switching to the shallow sump actually..
Man, I missed this whole thread... just read through the whole thing, awesome result, glad it's still in the family (sorta) bet it is a blast... it makes me really want to start on my hardtail project

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