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Xs650 cafe project
« on: May 20, 2017, 16:17:19 »
So I am finally starting my cafe project. The donor bike is an 81 xs650 special with an xv920 dual disk front end. The front will be getting a set of progressive springs and I will be doing away with the air assist. I will be building the motor into a 750 big bore with a shell #1 cam. Swapping the rear out to a disk brake set up as well. Got the bike on the lift today and got the motor pulled. Damn, that sucker is heavy!
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Re: Xs650 cafe project
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So this might open a HUGE can of stinky, but I would like some input on the different ignitions for this bike. My old xs650 chopper had a Boyer bransden ignition on it and it worked well. This bike is a factory tci bike and I don't know the performance benefits of this type of ignition. I have a Pamco on my cb360 and it works well in that application. Just curious what the xs speed freaks prefer.