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  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 14:03:13
  • canyoncarver: That guy....
    Today at 14:13:02
  • canyoncarver: We're riding up Irk.  My kiddo is flying in for a few days too.
    Today at 14:14:14
  • canyoncarver: I've never really seen much of Utah, I'm looking forward to it.
    Today at 14:15:11
  • JustinLonghorn: It is absolutely beautiful, man.
    Today at 14:16:10
  • JustinLonghorn: Not a painting:
    Today at 14:17:24
  • canyoncarver: Beauty.  I've started looking up stuff to do out there.
    Today at 14:22:09
  • JustinLonghorn: I think that a permit is required to hike "The Wave"
    Today at 14:26:20
  • JustinLonghorn:
    Today at 14:26:30
  • JustinLonghorn: I have not seen the Grand Canyon in person. that is something I would really like to do.
    Today at 14:28:35
  • canyoncarver: I took the family there 3 weeks ago.  Not my first time but it was theirs.  It's magnificent.
    Today at 14:30:07
  • canyoncarver: It's only about 6 hours from my place so it's an easy trip.
    Today at 14:31:09
  • doc_rot: that looks like bacon in rock form
    Today at 14:37:49
  • JustinLonghorn: How far is Ogden?
    Today at 14:37:57
  • JustinLonghorn: Iced Bacon
    Today at 14:38:09
  • Maritime: this might be fun
    Today at 15:01:55
  • Maritime: [link]
    Today at 15:02:03
  • canyoncarver: two days
    Today at 15:07:29
  • canyoncarver: riding that is
    Today at 15:08:27
  • JohnGoFast: what are you doing in Ogden?
    Today at 15:09:10
  • canyoncarver: step daughter and grandkid
    Today at 15:09:54
  • JohnGoFast: new baby?
    Today at 15:10:09
  • canyoncarver: 4yr old
    Today at 15:10:54
  • canyoncarver: momma needs to see her babies
    Today at 15:11:14
  • canyoncarver: wife that is.
    Today at 15:11:25
  • JohnGoFast: ha
    Today at 15:11:46
  • JohnGoFast: you're riding?
    Today at 15:11:57
  • canyoncarver: oh yeah
    Today at 15:12:15
  • canyoncarver: wife rides an fz6r, my zrx for me
    Today at 15:12:52
  • JohnGoFast: that'll be a fun ride
    Today at 15:13:59
  • Maritime: Nice, enjoy the ride
    Today at 15:18:01
  • canyoncarver: Thanks.  Hopefully less rain than we get on our summer Colorado ride.
    Today at 15:23:37
  • canyoncarver: *(s)
    Today at 15:23:45
  • advCo: I need to get to the Grand Canyon. That pic above looks like Antelope Canyon right near Lake Powell
    Today at 15:36:54
  • advCo: I want to do Utah again, on a bike this time.
    Today at 15:37:26
  • Maritime: I'm looking foraward to Colorado this summer. Should be a fun 3 days ripping up the mountains
    Today at 15:43:35
  • advCo: Yeah for sure, I drove through there in my GTI a few years ago, it was a blast
    Today at 15:45:09
  • advCo: Also scary as shit, 2" of snow on the roads and I had worn out sport tires
    Today at 15:45:33
  • canyoncarver: We do a week long ride through Colorado every summer, usually early August.    I love that state.
    Today at 15:47:24
  • Maritime: That would suck, hopefully in July we won't have snow LOL
    Today at 15:47:37
  • canyoncarver: When are riding CO Maritime?
    Today at 15:48:12
  • canyoncarver: July shouldn't have much snow
    Today at 15:48:45
  • Maritime: July 21-23 are the days. Staying in Breckenridge in a big rental house. about 20 of us I think.
    Today at 15:50:07
  • Maritime: renting a Triumph Tiger 800
    Today at 15:50:30
  • Maritime: all the 2 other bikes will likely be Harley baggers/tourers though
    Today at 15:50:57
  • Maritime: All But 2 other
    Today at 15:51:05
  • Maritime: some folks are cloese enough to ride their own bikes in, 5-6 of us have to fly in and rent, Jill's coming so we'll be 2 up, I read the Triumph is capable of 2 up comfortably so that's good
    Today at 15:52:12
  • advCo: that should be a blast
    Today at 17:23:04
  • advCo: Rigged up the seat on the XL so its quick removable without bolts. Now I shouldn't have to take off the racks/panniers when i need to get the tank off or under the seat
    Today at 17:23:58
  • irk miller:
    Today at 18:30:38

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