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« on: May 19, 2011, 23:06:12 »
This isn't so much about fasteners as much that I tried a new vendor. I wanted metric button head stainless stuff. I didn't need 50 of each. I found a place that would do small orders with no minimum charge or handling fees. I used and was pleased with their website, ease of ordering, good service. Where I live, you can't run to the store and buy any metric fine thread anything.  These guys have earned a thumb's up from me. All the bolts were packed in small bags and labeled as to the part and quantity. :)

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Re: Bolts
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pro-bolt as well
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Re: Bolts
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I order from McMaster.....
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Re: Bolts
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ACE Hardware here in the SE. U can buy 1 if thats all u need.BJ

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Re: Bolts
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Fastenal is a good place if you can find one.

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Re: Bolts
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Alloy Boltz:

Absolutely excellent!

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Re: Bolts
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In NJ Sears Hardware Stores (Not the big stores, the hardware only ones) have an extensive stock of SS and regular metric and SAE bolts, nuts and washers.   

About 1/3 of the SS on my bike is from Sears.  The rest is from AlloyBoltz...
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Re: Bolts
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Fastenal is a good place if you can find one.

Fastenal in my area doesn't stock open packages. if you want just one they special order it (3 days) and charge $10 S/H. I ordered 2 SS 4-40 x 1/4" at $.0668 ($.13) and 2 SS 4-40 x3/16" at $.0756 ($.15) for a total of $.28. When they arrived and I looked at the invoice it was $10.37, WTF. I talked them down to $1 S/H or they could just put those 4 items in their inventory. It also pissed me off that they charge sales tax on S/H. Fastenal is my last resort go to place.
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Re: Bolts
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Your a moron